50kW Solar System Price in India, 2023

A solar system entails a huge investment especially the big plants. It is important for customers to do their due diligence. Look for reputed dealers who deal in quality products and will honor their commitments. 

  • Working time: 7 - 8 hours/day
  • Total time: Up to 45 days for paperwork and inspections
  • Skill level: Advanced
  • Project cost: ₹30,00,000 for materials and labor

    Looks for the best solar products available in the market. Take solar quotations and call engineer for a site visit. Solar installations are gaining popularity in India especially for its ability to reduce electricity bills and also provide a way to earn from them (net metering). Trust me you are doing a favor to nature as well.

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    Project Summary

    Commercial establishments have a high usage of electricity. They run ACs, showroom lights, lifts, etc. for full day. Also, the commercial rate of electricity is quite high. As a result, their electricity bills are quite high. Solar is a great solution for these establishments as it can help reduce electricity bills. For instance, this commercial mall is Secunderabad was paying an electricity bill of Rs.4L prior to the solar installation, which got reduced to Rs.3.25L after the installation.

    1. Name of the Company Shopping Complex
    2. Proposed Project Location
    3. District Name
    4. State
    5. Proposed Power Plant Capacity 50kWp
    6. Technology
    Solar Photovoltaic
    7. Location of the Earth

    (i) Latitude : 17.4268° N

    (ii) Longitude : 78.4482° E

    8. Altitude 542 m (1,778 ft.)
    9. Average annual solar isolation
    5.44 kWh/m2/day
    10. Nearest Town
    11. Nearest Airport
    Rajiv Gandhi International Airport
    12. Nearest Railway Station
    Secunderabad Jn Railway Station
    13. Type of Module Proposed Shark Bi-Facail 440W - 530W, 100
    14. Type of Inverter proposed String Inverter
    15. Type of Inverter capacity 71kW, 3 Phase
    16. Projected Gross Energy Production per year
    128.31 MW 
    @100% grid availability
    17. Installed by
    Vaishno Solar


    solar system benefits

    Solar plants are very beneficial for both residential and commercial establishments. It leads to monthly bill reduction of Rs. 1,000/ kW. Solar investment is eligible for the three-year lock-in investments for income tax benefits. There is a tax benefit of 33% (of the project cost) each year for three years, for owners who install solar systems at their own establishments.



    RoI of a solar project is generally 4-5 years. The average cost of solar is Rs.60,000/ kW and annual savings to electricity bill amounts to Rs.6,00,000.

    Engineer Visit

    engineer visit

    A site survey is a must before installing a solar system. A site survey enables us to gauge the free area available to install the solar system. For example, a building having 4000-5000 square feet in area can easily house solar panels in 60-70% of the space available. An engineer is also well-versed to test the strength of the roof, which should be strong enough to withstand the weight of the panels. Also, the average weight of each stand’s base is 50-60 kgs.

    Design of the Solar Power Plant

    solar system design

    Designing is of utmost importance while installing a solar system as a faulty design could reduce the overall value of the building and cause the customer unnecessary headaches. One thing to note here is the direction of water flow after cleaning the panels. Care should be taken that extra water drainage takes place from the back side of the building. Similarly, it is important to note the wiring and electrical connections in the building. All these decisions must be taken prior to the installation as carelessness might lead to de-installation and unnecessary expenses. Also, ample space should be left between two panels for a person to walk in between for maintenance and inspection purposes.

    Solar Quotation

    After the survey of the site, one has to decide the size of the solar system that will fit in the given area and also suit one’s requirement. A proper design of the solar panel system is then made.

    Bill of Materials

    bill of materials

    This comprises of various components like Solar Panel, Inverter, Panel Stand, Solar Wire, DCDB, ACDB, Earthing Kit, etc. It is important to note the technical specifications of all the components. Solar panels come in many specifications these days. We have used SHARK bifacial solar panels on this sight as it is capable of generating electricity from both sides. It is available in 440-530 Wattage. It is more sturdy than other normal panels available in the market today. All technical specifications are mentioned in the solar panel label. It is also very compatible. Similarly check for all other components like panel stand, inverter, batteries, BoS, etc.

    Installation Tools

    installation tools

    Aluminum railings, screws, springs, etc. are used to install the solar system. One string installation took one week for installation.

    Solar Cleaning Process

    solar panel cleaning

    Solar Panel cleaning is a regular process to keep the functioning proper. A solar panel’s efficiency tends to decline if the panels are not clean. You can either do it yourself manually or involve a professional help to clean the panels. For bigger sites, one can also install robotic cleaning that is totally automated. For this particular 50 kW system, approximately 5,000 liters of water will be needed for cleaning the panels.

    Net Metering

    net metering

    One can claim the benefits of net metering even for a commercial establishment. After a technical feasibility by the government department (DISCOM) and getting the approval, one can install a net meter for solar. Any excess electricity generated by your system can be sold to the grid at a pre-agreed rate which can be claimed as a credit from the electricity bill. The net metering cost in case of a 50 kW solar system on commercial building would cost you around Rs. 50,000 plus GST.

    Solar Finance

    solar loan

    Solar system installation involves a huge cost. Eg. a 50 kW system might cost you around Rs. 30L, which is not affordable for every person. Here comes the benefits of taking solar finance only for grid-connected solar systems and having a total cost of more than Rs. 5L. Today many banks and financial institutions offer easy loans for solar system installation. For example, SBI, Yes Bank, Indian Bank, Canara Bank, PNB, etc. EMI options are also available.


    We hope you have gained some insight about large solar installations and that for commercial setups. You can also contact Loom Solar for the same. The company has dealers over the country and are very proficient in their work and will answer all your queries around solar installations.


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