How to Clean Solar Panels for Better Generation?

Installing a solar panel system is a big decision that one makes as it involves a huge investment. Once installed, it needs to properly taken care of, to no only give better but also a long-lasting performance. A solar panel system is not at all difficult or expensive to maintain. A little care is all it takes! Keeping the surface clean and taking care of little things can also go a long way in maintaining the system.  It is also important to note the Warranty, Service & Maintenance, Life, Safety, etc. terms and conditions related to the system installed.

What are the major factors that affect solar panel generation?

There are many factors that affect the generation of solar panel systems. The generation can be from the side or load side. Let me explain how you can figure it out:

First, in the case of stand-alone solar systems (off-grid), when you have less power consumption as well as the battery is full charge, then the generation of solar PV modules will be less but if you have a hybrid solar system and you have installed a net meter, then the solar panel generates is maximum.

Second, in the case of grid-connected solar systems (on-grid), if the grid is not available or the grid has low voltage (~90V to ~100V), then solar panels do not generate output because string / micro inverters are synchronized with the grid electricity.

Third, if solar panels are not installed in the south direction, then the generation of solar panels will be impacted. Latitude and longitude angles are also one factor that may impact solar panel outputs.

Fourth is cleaning. It is a major problem that can affect the generation of solar power plants. You need to clean the solar panel regularly with water and soft cloth. In small solar power plants, it is easy to do, but in big solar power plants, it is difficult to clean. You need to hire one manpower to clean it regularly. The best time to clean solar panels is early morning before sunrise or after sun sets. When you do cleaning work, you should shut down the solar inverter which will be safe for manpower.

The last is you should better plan to avoid the shadow of any buildings/trees/water tanks, during the solar panel installation.

Common problems with Solar Power System

Given below is a list of a few of the major concerns that customers face.

1. Decreasing Solar Panel Performance - Often customers complain that the efficiency of the panel has declined over passing time.

2. Battery Life will be Less - Another complaint that we get is that battery life is getting low. In other words, batteries get discharged pretty soon.
Inverter PCB can be damaged - This is another major concern that customers are facing.

3. Panel Stand will be Broken - With passing time, the strength of the stand gets reduced and it is unable to withstand the weight or natural conditions like heavy winds/ hailstorms, etc.

4. Electricity bills still remaining high or not reducing - Customers have complained that despite one of the major advantages of installing solar is a reduction in power bill, they still fail to witness lower bills.

    1. Common problems with Solar Panels - Less Power Generation

    solar panel before cleaning

    Solar Panels are exposed to the environment – sun, wind, dust, rain, etc. hence they get dirty very soon. Solar panels are like windows lying flat which means they get dirty very fast. Pollen, bird droppings, dirt, and dust can build up on solar panels. “Solar Clouding” commonly referred to by the panel manufacturers, means dirty panels and needs to be cleaned on a regular schedule. There is a 10%-15% decrease in solar output when solar panels are dirty.

    Solution - Solar Panel Cleaning Kit

    solar panel cleaning kit

    Most manufacturers recommend the cleaning of solar panels every six months. There are many professional panel cleaners in the market today or you can use automated cleaners that can be programmed to clean the panels as needed. One can use a garden hose to wash the face of the panels during either the early morning or in the evening. Care should be taken not to spray cold water onto hot panels or there could be a risk of cracking them. Car washing machine – You can also use a car washing machine to clean the panels. It is available for Rs. 6,000 to 8,000.


    solar panel performance after cleaning

    After Cleaning: The efficiency of the overall system can increase by 30%-40% after cleaning. Solar panels generally require very little maintenance. A few times a year, the panels should be inspected for any dirt or debris that may collect on them. Typically they should be cleaned in March/April when the rainy season has passed and August/September, towards the end of summer. The cleaning services are a necessary part of the system maintenance and also to maintain its warranty.

    2. Common problems with Panel Stand - Installation Mistake

    solar panel stand

    Check the strength of panel stand installation in high wind and rainy conditions. It is important to affix the stand properly in the ground, else, they might just fly away in windy or rainy times.

    Solution: Strong Civil Works

    strong solar panel stand frame

    Benefits: Your solar panels will stay safe and there won’t be any accident or mishap in the neighborhood from your panels or stands flying away. 

    3. Common Problems with Electricity Bill

    electricity bill of 3kW ac module

    Two common problems are coming:

    1. Increase electricity bill after solar panel installation

    2. Not receiving an electricity bill after changing electricity meter

    Check your electricity bill before and after solar panel installation. If you find that the bill is still high please check for all connections. It could be that your system wasn’t working properly. Ensure everything is in place and the system is clean and switch it on again, you will surely enjoy savings on your power bill from the next cycle.

    electricity bill

    If you have an on-grid system, check and monitor solar panel performance on your mobile phone. Your electricity bill be reduced if you install grid-connected solar system.

    3. Common problems with Inverter Battery

    inverter battery major problems

    For Battery: In order to maintain the batteries, it is important to check the water level before and after the summer season. Also recommended to keep batteries in an open area to vent the emissions coming out.

    Benefits: Battery life will increase by 1-2 years.

    For Inverter: When running an inverter, please note to run up to 50% home load on regular basis. Do not overload the inverter. Running an inverter on ~80% home load is on the high side and not recommended at all. Also, keep the inverter battery in an open area as well.

    Benefits: Inverter PCB will be safe.

    Solar Panel Cleaning Kit Video


    One should keep monitoring their solar panel system and energy output to ensure there are no malfunctions. Check and log the power output on the solar inverters display on a daily or monthly basis. With this data, one can check to see if solar panels are functioning at full efficiency.  

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