Become a Solar Influencer - Earn Money

Join India's No. 1 Mono Panel Manufacturer & Contribute to Green Society trusted by 700+ Influencers who are earning more than ₹ 25,000 every month from Home with Zero Investment!


- just write the information about solar on your blog, website, social media sites such as quora, reddit, Make youtube videos and re-direct the user to buy it online from 


Loom solar in brief

It is an Indian company headquartered in Delhi NCR that sells solar rooftop system from 10 watt to 100 kW across all Indian cities.  


      Affiliate earning


      If you give reference link re-directing of your information to, in return you can earn good amount of money. 

      • customer buying solar products referred by you:  you get 5% of total sales value.
      • for each new visitor coming from your website: INR ₹ 0.50 per new visit.


      It is estimated that, you will earn up to ₹ 50,000 or 800 USD every month*.

      Become YouTube Influencer & Earn Money

      become youtube influcencer and earn moneyAs a YouTuber you have a lot on your plate. From creating content, engaging your audience and managing your channel you’ve got your hands full. We get it. That’s why we created a platform where you can easily find sponsorships that matter to you. Get your free sign up to get sponsorships and an Loom Solar rep will contact you soon.

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