Inverter with Battery

1 kVA inverter with 1 kWh Lithium battery for 4-5 hours power back up Save 42%

1 kVA inverter with 1 kWh Lithium battery for 4-5 hours power back up

3 Years Warranty

Rs. 54,990
Rs. 32,000

The world is moving towards newer technology, Higher efficiency products, Loom Solar introduces Power backup system powered with Lithium battery.  ...

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Rs. 54,990
Rs. 32,000
Save 42%
2 kVA Solar Inverter with 2 kWh Lithium battery for home Save 29%

2 kVA Solar Inverter with 2 kWh Lithium battery for home

3 Years Warranty

Rs. 85,000
Rs. 60,000
2 reviews

The world is moving towards newer technology, Higher efficiency products, Loom Solar introduces Power backup system powered with Lithium battery.  ...

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Rs. 85,000
Rs. 60,000
Save 29%

Inverter Battery

Inverter battery is also known as UPS battery. It could be either a lead acid rechargeable battery or Lithium-ion rechargeable battery used with home Inverters.


The Home Inverter battery has two technology 1) Lead Acid battery - The main component of battery is the lead inside it. Higher lead ensures better battery performance and quality. Lead acid batteries are not sealed and Maintenance free hence it requires water top up once in 3-6 month

 and 2) Lithium battery – It has made of Lithium cells which has three forms a) Lithium-Ion b) Lithium Phosphate 3) Lithium cobalt.


How to Choose Inverter Battery

If you are planning to buy inverter battery online and you do not have any idea how to choose battery for your home. You should consider this before buying any battery


1) Battery Capacity measured in Ah (Ampere-hour) or Wh (Watt-hour)

2) Battery warranty

3) Price, depends on Battery Ah and warranty. 

4) Brand – A national brand having service support should be given preference


In the process of buying inverter with battery, the customer should first decide Inverter Capacity, it depends upon power consumption, if your power consumption is up to 500 watts, Inverter and UPS up to 1 KVA is best buy, the selection of inverter battery depends upon duration of power backup time, if your home is having up to 4 hours of power cut, Single /12v battery is the best buy, for longer power cuts, go for Double battery Inverter system.  


UPS Battery Price

UPS or Inverter battery price depends upon Battery AH and Warranty, The price ranges from ₹4000 to ₹50,000. Lithium batteries will be the costliest compared to tubular lead acid battery because it is a latest technology product with higher energy efficiency and longer life. The other important factor which impacts the price of batteries in India are

  • Battery Technology – Lead Acid / Solar / Lithium
  • Warranty – 2 years, 3 years, or 5 years
  • Power storage Capacity measured in Ampere hour (AH) or Watt hour (Wh)
  • Brand – The price of a national and reputed brand will be costlier.
  • Application use – Home / Electric Vehicles/ Solar


Compare Inverter and UPS Battery Prices for your home, office and shops on Buy the best battery in India under various price range including those under ₹10,000, and ₹25000 to save money and get best deals and discounts. You can find and buy an Inverter battery online by filtering down your search based upon factors including Price, Technology, warranty, Discount and many such specifications. Here is the list of all battery models with current Price


Inverters Battery Models

Price (₹)

Lithium battery 80 Ah, 1 kWh

 ₹ 25,000

Lithium battery 80 Ah, 2 kWh

 ₹ 50,000

Solar battery – 150 Ah

 ₹ 18,500

Solar Battery – 120 Ah

 ₹ 15,000


Types of Inverter Battery

There are three types of battery

  1. a) Tubular Lead acid battery.
  2. b) Solar battery
  3. c) Lithium battery


There is no much difference in Tubular and Solar battery technology except warranty and life. The height of battery determines the technology type, Tubular means tall battery and flat plate means short height battery.


Similarly, all solar batteries are C10 rated and Home batteries are C20 rated. Here c Stands for Charging


Contrary, Lithium battery is latest technology product available in India. It has many features over existing popular lead acid batteries.

  1. Fast battery charging time – 2 – 4 hours
  2. Life cycle – 2 x than lead acid batteries
  3. Storage capacity per / Kg – 3 x than lead acid batteries


Battery Backup Time

The backup time of a battery depends upon Battery storage capacity measured in Watt Hour (Wh) or Kilo watt hour (kWh)


Generally, batteries are rated in AH and Voltage. To calculate watt hour, you should multiple, Battery ampere * battery voltage (12 Volt).


Power formula is (Wh) = Ampere * Voltage


For example,

150 Ah lead acid battery, and the battery voltage is 12 Volt.


The storage capacity is 150 AH * 12 Volt = 1800-Watt hour or 1.8 kWh.



Higher the watt Hour, higher will be backup time. Usually, a 150 Ah/ 12-volt lead acid battery gives around 3 hours of backup on 400-watt Power consumption.

In India, 150 Ah is bestselling rating as it can last up to 3-4 hours if you use Led light, few ceiling fans, Led Television, mobile and Laptop charging.  For higher duration backup, one can go for higher Ah battery.


Similarly, in Lithium battery – 80 Ah /12.8 Volt is the most selling lithium battery which has a storage capacity of 1,000-Watt hour power. The backup time varies with change in power consumption.


Power Consumption Vs Battey Back up time.

Power Consumption

Back-up time

500 Watts

2 Hours

400 watts

2 hours 30 minutes

300 watts

3 hours 30 minutes

200 watts

5 hours

100 watts

10 hours

Lead Acid Vs Lithium battery comparison

Factor Lead Acid Battery
Lithium Battery
Charging efficiency Low - only 70% Fast charged - 100% of capacity, A lithium battery can be charged 50% in just 30 minutes
Weight 30 kg/kWh 9 kg/ kWh, On Average, Lithium-ion batteries weight 3 times less than standard lead acid batteries
Maintenance High maintenance cost, Water top up required No Maintenance
Battery Life 500 - 1000 cycles 1500 - 2000 cycles
Safety Have no safety devices, are not sealed, and releases hydrogen during charging, in fact, the use is not permitted in food industry Releases no emissions, are suitable for applications

Battery Warranty

Inverter and battery are two different products, hence the warranty offered on Inverter and battery differs, usually, Inverter comes with 2 years manufacturer warranty and Inverter battery warranty varies from 2 years to 5 years depending upon Battery technology


The warranty on battery is co-related with battery life. Higher warranty on battery will have higher battery life.


In Lead Acid Batteries warranty has two aspects a) Replacement warranty and b) Pro rata warranty also known as buy back warranty. If your battery fails during replacement warranty, Manufacturer such as Exide, Luminous, Okaya will replace it with new battery and during pro rata warranty period, a new battery is offered at discounted price, which is, also known as buyback offer.


While in Lithium battery, there is no buyback offer, manufacturers such as Tesla, Loom, Panasonic will offer replacement of battery in case battery fails or it does not give power backup


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