Solar Panel Installation Cost in India, 2021

You always hear about issues related to Solar panels like its performance, shadow problems, or break down of the panel. In this blog, we will share important information regarding the installation of a solar panel. Many expert installers suggest that if a solar panel does not installed properly, you may face too many issues within a few days, months, or years.


Let’s see how to do the best quality solar panel installation which will live for a long time and provide you a long term benefit. Before this, we will discuss the types and main components of a Solar System.

What is a Solar Energy System?

Solar Energy System consists of 4 main components that decide the working of a solar energy system.


  • Solar Panel
  • Solar Inverter
  • Solar Battery
  • Panel Stand, and
  • Solar Panel Installation Accessories


Solar Energy Systems are of different types and can be used as per your needs and location. The 2 types of Solar Energy System are:


  • Solar Panel with Battery (Off Grid Solar System)
  • Solar Panel without Battery (On Grid Solar System)


Note: A Solar inverter is the main component of both the systems. While we install a solar energy system, we generally buy the following products:

#1. Solar Panel

solar panel

A Solar panel is the primary component of a solar energy system. It is used to convert sunlight into electricity.

#2. Solar Inverter

solar inverter

A Solar inverter is the central component of a solar energy system that converts DC into AC.

#3. Solar Battery

solar battery

Solar battery is the power storing component that stores electricity and runs loads as the grid powers off.

#4. Solar Charge Controller

solar panel charge controller

Solar Charge Controller is the converters that convert normal inverter into the solar inverter.

#5. Panel Stand

solar panel stand

Solar Panel Stand is the balancing system that fixes solar panels on the rooftop and protects the solar panels from high blowing wind, animal attack, and so on. It provides a proper angle to the solar panels.

Installation Accessories:

There are many small and major components are using in solar panel installation. We will guide you one by one.

#6. ACDB

 acdb box

ACDB protects solar inverter from the AC current side. It is generally used with a grid-tie solar inverter.

#7. DCDB

dcdb box

DCDB protects solar panels from DC currents side. It is generally used with an off-grid solar inverter as well as a grid-tie solar inverter.

#8. Lighting Arrester


Lighting Arrester (LA) protects solar panels and other electrical appliances from thundering. It is used with the off-grid as well as a grid-tie solar inverter.

#9. DC Wiredcwire

It should be in PVC Pipe (of less than 3kW) and Cable Tray (of 3kW and above)

#10. AC Wire

ac wire

AC Wire is used for connection inverter with grid power and home loads.

#11. MC4 Connectors

mc4 connector

MC4 Connector is the most important component in a solar energy system. It is used to connect DC wire with solar panels.

#12. Wire Thimbles

wire thimbles

Wire thimbles are made of metal materials that tighten the wire (DC & AC Wire) properly.

#13. Earthing Kit

earthing kit


It is done for 6ft. to 10ft.

1kW to 3kW: It is done with 2 earthing. One is for Inverter, and the other is for Lighting Arrester (LA).

Above 3kW: It is supported by 3 earthing. One for Inverter, one for Lighting Arrester, and the last one is for PV Modules.

Solar Panel Installer Tools

solar panel installation tools

Here is the list of tools used by the installer during the installation process.


#1. Hammer
#2. Spanner
#3. Goti Set
#4. Farma (Used for making base)
#5. Pliers
#6. Tester
#7. Screw Driver
#8. Grinder
#9. Drill Machine
#10. Pouching Machine
#11. Still Wire
#12. Clamp Meter
#13. Measurement Tape
#14. Water Level
#15. Electrical Tape
#16. Ladder
#17. Cable Tie (used to tie wires with panel stand and exiting wires)
#18. PVC Pipe
#19. Thimbles
#20. Wire Cutter

    Solar Panel Installation Cost in India, 2020

    Standard rate of solar panel installation is approx. Rs. 7 per watt. The further quotation can be described as:

     System Size
    Cost Per Watt (in Rs.) 
    ₹ 7,000
    ₹ 14,000
    ₹ 21,000
    ₹ 28,000
    ₹ 35,000
    ₹ 42,000
    ₹ 49,000
    ₹ 56,000
    ₹ 63,000
    ₹ 70,000

      Scope of Solar Installers

      We ensure a healthy installation for our clients. We will assist in the following processes:

      1. Panel Connection
      2. Civil Work
      3. Panel Wiring
      4. Battery Connection
      5. Inverter On
      6. Earthing Kit Installation

      Any Additional Charges

      The clients are required to pay certain additional charges for the installation process. This may be from Rs. 1500 to 2000 for internal wiring connection. AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) is Rs. 10,000 annually per kilowatt.


      List of Solar Panel Installer in India

      Solar Panel installation is needed to be done by an expert installer to provide long life to the solar panel. Loom Solar has a list of experts who are professional and experienced in this field. We have experienced installers who have successfully installed on many sites both in off-grid and on-grid systems. Let’s know a few of them here in this blog.

      #1. Ramji Pal from Delhi NCR

      ramji pal

        Mr. Pal is an expert installer with an experience of 2-3 years with Loom Solar. He has successfully installed over 50 systems until now. He has been awarded a great appreciation from the customers. He works on both off-grid and on-grid platforms.

        See more...

        #2. Khalsa Electrical at Uttarakhand

        mantosh singh

          Khalsa Electrical expertise in house wiring with a satisfactory service of many years. They have successfully installed 3-5 sites of solar energy plant.

          #3. Rajiv Patra from West Bengal

          rajiv patra

            Mr. Patra is a distributor for Loom Solar with an experience of 1-2 years. He is an expert installer and installs a minimum of 10-12 sites per year.

            See more...

            #4. Konark Solar at Bangalore

            konark solar

              Mr. Solar is an expert installer with experience in off-grid and on-grid installation. He had installed many small units and had successfully installed 10-12 sites till now.

              See more...

              #5. Nitin Kanojiya from Faizabad, Ayodhya

              Faizabad Ayodhya

                In the areas of Faizabad, Mr. Nitin has successfully installed a solar energy system on sheds and terrace. He is an expert of off-grid and on-grid installation.

                #7. Parminder Singh Saini at Hoshiarpur and Punjab

                parminder singh saini

                  In the areas of Hoshiarpur and Punjab, Mr. Saini is serving as a successful distributor of Loom Solar. He has installed over 15-20 sites in the past 2 years.

                  See more...

                  #9. Mr. Pradeep Kumar from Shikohabad

                  pradeep kumar

                    Mr. Kumar is the installer for Loom Solar and has successfully installed many sites over the years.

                    See more...

                    #10. Sandeep Kumar Mishra from Chhattisgarh

                    rakdhe krishana

                    Mr. Sandeep Kumar is a well-known solar panel distributor as well as installer working in the areas of Bilaspur and is a dedicated and expert installer.


                    Solar Energy System installation is a very important process and it is beneficial only when done by the experts. Loom Solar provides you complete professional assistance for installation of your Solar Energy System. If you are looking to install a solar panel, contact a experienced installer to ensure a long life for your long life to your solar panel.


                    Loom Solar provides a number of Solar Energy Systems with a wide variety of products. For proper Installation of Solar energy system, it is necessary to contact a experienced installer and get all the necessary products.

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