Where to Buy Microtek Solar Product Online - A big push for solar rooftops

Going solar is no more a dream as Microtek is bringing it to your doorsteps. So don’t dream it, it’s about time you just get it! 


Where to Buy Microtek Solar Product Online


India’s utility solar capacity grows 72% in FY18. India’s pledge to generate 175 GW of electricity from renewable energy sources by 2022, out of which 100 GW will come from solar. India also announced a support of $1.4 billion to 15 countries to develop help to develop 27 solar projects sites.


After FY18 growth, Microtek enters in the solar market. Microtek International Pvt. Ltd. is country’s largest manufacturer in Online UPS, Sine Wave Inverter and now it has also launched the product in the solar category. Microtek has also started to promote solar products, such as a solar system for homesolar panelsolar inverter/upssolar battery and solar charge controller in 2018 online in India through India's premium solar brand store - Loom Solar.com.


Microtek Solar Panel (PV Modules)


Microtek Solar Panel (PV Modules)


It has introduced many variants in solar panels as given below, it comes in 12volt and 24volt from 50 watts to 260 watts. It manufactures both PV module in Multi Crystalline and Poly Crystalline. These modules are highly efficient and using these PV  modules you can run all kinds of appliances at your home like LED Bulb, Fans, Computer, TV & AC etc.


How many solar panels are needed to run a 1 ton air conditioner


Microtek PV Modules (Solar Plates)

List of Microtek PV modules is available at LoomSolar.com, such as:

  • 50 Watt/12 Volt
  • 75 Watt/12 Volt
  • 100 Watt/12 Volt
  • 150 Watt/12 Volt
  • 260 Watt/24 Volt


Microtek Solar Charge Controller


Microtek Solar Charge Controller


It is used to regulate the rate at which electric current is added to or drawn from PV modules. It is available in PWM technologies as given below:


Microtek PWM Charge Controller

List of Microtek PWM solar charge controllers are available at LoomSolar.com, such as:

  • SMU 1012 (12V)
  • SMU 3012 (12V)
  • SMU 3024 (24V)
  • SMU 6012 (12V)
  • SMI 6024 (24V)


Microtek Solar Inverter


Microtek Solar Inverter at Loom Solar


It is used to convert DC current to AC current that helps to run your appliances at your home. It has launched below solar inverter that is integrated with solar charge controller so you don’t need to buy additional components to run your solar inverter. The company has two kinds of off-grid solar inverter


1.) PWM Solar Inverter and 2.) MPPT Solar Inverter called as PCU


PWM Solar Inverter and MPPT Solar Inverter at Loom Solar


  • Solar Inverter (PWM) Models
    1. UPS Solar 935VA/12V
    2. UPS Solar 1135VA/12V
    3. UPS Solar 1735VA/12V
    4. UPS Solar 2035VA/12V
  • Solar Inverter (MPPT) Models
    1. 1KVA/24V(1ph-1ph)
    2. 2KVA/36V(1ph-1ph)
    3. 3KVA/48V(1ph-1ph)

Besides, Company has also introduced new grid solar inverter as given below, it works with grid only, and it is successful in those locations where electricity is available 24x7.


  1. Microtek M-Sun Grid Tie Solar PCU
    1. GT 1KW (1ph-1ph)
    2. GT 2KW (1ph-1ph)
    3. GT 3KW (1ph-1ph)
    4. GT 5KW (1ph-1ph)
    5. GT 11KW (3ph-3ph)
    6. GT 20KW (3ph-3ph)


Okaya Battery

Okaya Battery at Loom Solar


Microtek Inverter works best with Okaya battery, this company is also owned by Microtek International Private Limited. Below are popular solar battery from Okaya Power Private Ltd.


Top Selling Models of Okaya Solar Battery


List of Okaya solar battery is available at LoomSolar.com, such as:

  • Okaya Solar 20ah Battery
  • Okaya Solar 40ah Battery
  • Okaya Solar 75ah Battery
  • Okaya Solar 100ah Battery
  • Okaya Solar 120ah Battery
  • Okaya Solar 150ah Battery
  • Okaya Solar 200ah Battery

Microtek and Okaya are known reputed brands for Inverter and Battery and it has served more than 10 crore customer in 25years. Besides, It offers long warranty on all products. It has service centre across India. You can buy above products online on www.loomsolar.com and you will get product installations with product delivery across India.




Before leaving this post, many solar buyers are searching solar products on Amazon, Flipkart, Urjakart, Moglix, Industrybuying website, visit also Loom Solar.com and choose solar products according to your need and budget allow.

Loom Solar, offering for you, such as:

  1. Wide range of Microtek solar products
  2. Direct buy on grid & off grid solar system, solar panel, solar battery, solar ups and solar charge controllers from Microtek company through Loom Solar.
  3. Free Consultation for solar installation for home, office, school, hospital, petrol pump and more.
  4. Demonstration Centre is available for your nearest cities
  5. Quick response (Within 1 hr) by call/whatsapp/email/text
  6. Digital Visibility on Google, YouTube, Facebook, News, Classifieds, and more.
  7. Installation Service available
  8. Products delivery within 3 days
  9. Lowest Price compare than other websites
  10. Site visit before buying solar products


Corporate Office

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Contact: 8750 77 88 00
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