Microtek Solar Panels

About Brand

Microtek is the leader in making Inverters for home, it also manufacturers’ online ups, stabilizers, solar products such as solar inverters, solar charge controller etc. The service support of Microtek brand is awesome, In case of any product fault, they send engineers to customer’s home within 24 hours. The service helpline of Microtek brand is 1800-102-447

Microtek Solar Panel

Microtek photovoltaic solar panels are made of multi-crystalline silicon, it lasts for 30 years and comes with 25 years on-site manufacturer warranty. In Microtek solar panels, the range of photovoltaic modules is 40 Wp- 320 Wp with a number of cells ranging from 36 cells – 72 cells.

Microtek Solar Panels Prices

Microtek is relatively superior brand compared to its peers with the lower pricing of solar panels starting from ₹ 2,400, here is the latest price list of Microtek solar panels.

Microtek solar panel model

selling price

40 watt

₹ 2,400

50 watt

₹ 2,800

75 watt

₹ 4,200

100 watt

₹ 5,400

150 watt

₹ 7,600

250 watt

₹ 12,000

315 watt

₹ 14,000

Microtek Solar Panel - Technical details

While selecting solar panels, you will see, this technical information on the backside of solar panels, here is the detailed explanation of each term

  • Wattage: The maximum power, solar PV module generates in an hour when sunlight touches the surface of solar panels.
  • Open circuit voltage (Voc): is the maximum voltage available in the positive and negative wire of solar panels, it is measured through a dc multimeter device.
  • Short circuit current (Isc): it is currently available in PV panel when the positive wire is connected with negative wire.
  • Maximum power voltage (Vmp): is the maximum voltage available in solar panels when sunlight is available
  • Maximum power current (Imp): is the maximum current available that can travel through wires for use.
  • Maximum system voltage: when solar panels are connected in series or parallel, the addition of voltage should not go beyond 1000 volts. The panel is designed to work with 1000 volts.
  • Safety class: the certification of safety standards
  • Module size: The size of modules in mm to estimate how much space will be occupied in an installation at the rooftop.

    150 watt panel

    Micrrotek solar panel 150 watt – Technical details

    wattage (Wp)


    open circuit voltage (Voc)


    short circuit current (Isc)

    8.81 amps

    maximum power voltage (Vmp)

    17.96 volts

    maximum power current (Imp)

    8.36 amps

    maximum system voltage

    1000 volts

    safety class


    module size (in mm)

    775 *665 *35


    Warranty on solar panels

    Solar panels are the lifelong product with 25 years performance warranty. Under warranty, physical damage is not covered

    • 10 years – up to 90% performance warranty that it will generate rated power
    • 25 years – up to 80% performance warranty that it will generate rated power

    How can I buy the best solar panel for my home? 

    Ans. Solar panels have become the basic units for generating electricity. The popularity of solar energy in generating power is attributed to its improving efficiencies and reducing costs. Solar energy has gradually reached grid parity with almost all states in India and has become a convenient option for power generation in places located far from the grid. Learn 6 simple steps to buy the best solar panels for home and business

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