Best Rooftop Solar System for Home Price in India

A rooftop solar system is a set of solar panel, lithium battery, solar inverter, and many other solar products of solar system to be installed on a building's rooftop to generate electricity from sunlight. This helps to reduce the electricity bills and enhance the energy independence for homes. Moreover, they provide a return on investment, increase property value making a great choice for homeowners and businesses. But the main question is coming here which rooftop solar system is best? So don’t bother in this article we will discuss every aspect.

The Types of Rooftop Solar System

Generally, the three types of rooftop solar system are used by the people. Let’s discuss about one by one.

On Grid Solar System – This type of rooftop solar system is best suited for those people who want to cut down their monthly electricity bills. This rooftop solar system also known as the “gird-tied” solar system as the names shows this rooftop solar system is connected to your local grid this means this becomes the primary source of your electricity at your home & business and the local power supply of your area becomes the secondary source of power but only in that situation when the solar power does not generate the electricity. On grid solar system is best to eliminate your electricity bill up to 80% as well as one can also generate revenue by selling excess electricity back to the local DISCOM.

Some features: -

  • Need Minimal Maintenance Required
  • Gives Continuous power supply.
  • Cost Savings
  • Earn credits via Net Metering

Off Grid Solar System – This kind of rooftop solar system is generally made of those remote regions or areas where long power cuts usually happen. There is such a lack of consistent power supply. Off gird solar system is a battery-based rooftop solar system which is not connected to the grid it runs on its own. In this rooftop solar system, a major component is lithium battery which give power backup when the sun is not shine or local grid power supply is goes out.

Some features: -

  • Capable to give remote area power supply
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Back up during emergency time
  • Energy Independent

Hybrid Solar System – This type of rooftop solar system has both the quality of an on grid solar system and off grid solar system, meaning it is connected to your local grid and gives you power backup during night or emergency times. With the hybrid solar system, you can enjoy 24x7 power at your home without the hassle of high electricity bills. As well as with this type of rooftop solar system you can sell back the excess electricity and earn credits.

Some features: -

  • Energy Savings
  • Gives 24X7 power supply
  • Battery Backup
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Cost Effective

Rooftop Solar System Price in India

The price factor is always one of the complex factors because its dependence on many various factors related to the products such as the technology, brand, efficiency, type, and quality. Also, in the rooftop solar system there are many components to install with solar panel like the solar battery, solar inverter, solar charge controller etc. so price is also dependent on these components as well. It’s essential to connect with solar professionals who give you accurate assessments regarding your specific requirements. Some prices ideas are below: -

1 kw solar system price – It’s dependent on which rooftop solar system you want to install, but the approximately 1 kw solar system price is Rs 60,000 to Rs. 1,05,000.

3 kw solar system price – The approximate range of 3 kw solar system price is Rs. 1,50,000.

5 kw solar system price - It’s dependent on which rooftop solar system you want to install, but the approximately 5 kw solar system price is Rs 3,50,000 to Rs. 5,50,000.

Please note that the rooftop solar system price in India is also affected by the subsidy which is offered by the central and state government who promote solar energy at homes. One can avail the subsidy on rooftop solar system price in India which must be between 3 kilowatts to 10 kilowatts.

Solar Rooftop Calculator

A Solar Rooftop Calculator is a digital tool which can be used for to estimate the size of solar system according to your home load and monthly electricity bill on a home and business as well. It considers factors such as roof size, sunlight exposure, and energy consumption to calculate potential cost, payback period.

Best Rooftop Solar System Solution

Rooftop solar system for home represent the promising and responsible choice for homeowners as they have a range of benefits including the reduction in high electricity bill but there are many rooftop solar system for home is available, now the big question is that which is suitable for homeowners. According to the solar experts the “hybrid solar system” is the prominent choice of rooftop solar system for home as they give you a dual benefits. Rooftop solar system is a one-time investment for a brighter future so think wisely to choose it.

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