1kW Solar System Price in India, 2020

The 1 kW solar system is capable of generating 5000 watts during the day using the sun’s power. 1 kW solar system is designed to give power supply for 8-10 hours to 3-4 BHK homes in India having severe power cuts. It consists of monocrystalline panels and comes with more than 97% Inverter efficiency and over 16% Module efficiency.


For 2-3BHK Homes


  1. Inverter - 1800 VA (1 no.)
  2. Battery -  150 Ah (2 nos.)
  3. Solar Panels - 1125 Watt (375 watts * 3 nos.)


This Solar system helps you to run all your power equipment directly from the sun. It is very useful for places where power cuts are frequent.


1kW Solar System Price is approx. Rs. 95,000 in India. This pricing could be vary. We can give you approximate number.

Components Cost
Loom Solar Panel 375 watt - 24 volt Mono Panel (3)  ₹ 36,000
Luminous 150Ah Solar Battery (2)  ₹ 37,000
Luminous Solar NXG Hybrid Inverter 1800/24V  ₹  8,300
Loom solar 3 panel stand (375 watts)   5,000
Solar DC Wire, 6 sq mm, 15 Meters Pair  ₹ 2,500
3 Panel MC4 Connectors pair, 3 Wire In, 1 Wire Out   1,050

How to Buy

You can buy 1kW Off Grid Solar System (with Battery Bank) from here.


The system can power up to 5 Ceiling Fans, 20 Led lights, 2 Television, 1 refrigerator, 1 mixer  and Laptop/Mobile Charging.

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Jaware Tukaram - August 13, 2020

I want to fit solar panels .But I don’t know how many watts of solar panels to fitt , battery 12/24v ? Which is suitable for home .Four fans ,10 led,5 fans ,3laptops,2 refrigerator,2washing machine etc.

farid ahmad - August 10, 2020

dear sir ap pure styem ki jankare de aur reples kese hoga

Vikas Kumar - August 9, 2020

I need 1 kw soler panal. Plz sujjest me sest sorler panal

Rony Jacob - August 8, 2020

Please give a quote for 7kw on grid solar system (with hybrid inverter) with installation from different solar systems companies.

Jalam Singh - August 2, 2020

Dear sir,
Please confirm of grid or on grid system?
How to benefit in electricity bill?

I need 1kw soler system for my home .

Thanks & Regards,
Jalam Singh

SANDEEP - July 30, 2020


RAMENDRA - July 30, 2020


Jitendra solanki - July 29, 2020

I want 3 ke off grid

Ramesh Chandra - July 28, 2020

Please send me details of 1kw infrastructure to be installed with technical information of

YASHWANT Kumar - July 20, 2020

I want 1kw

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