Can we Run AC On Solar Panels?

In today’s generation, people are switching towards solar panels or renewable energy. Solar panels are becoming more powerful because we want all the larger home appliances to be run with solar panels so that our electricity bill will be reduced. One of the larger or main home appliance is the Air Conditioner (AC) which we want to run on the solar panel but now the question is can we run AC on the solar panel? So below is the discussion given on how solar panels work, what components are essential in it etc. Please have a look at them. 

What is the Process for Solar Panels to Work?

The solar panel has a process to run appliances in your home solar panels do not supply direct electricity to the home appliances to work. There are many components that are connected to each other to work properly. There are all the answers given below which are the best solar panel, solar inverter, and inverter battery to run the larger appliances of your home.

Solar panel: solar panel directly contacts sun rays and generates electricity with them. It creates electricity in DC (Direct Current) but home appliances use AC (Alternating Current) which is converted by the solar inverter. 

Now solar panels are of two types but you have to know which one is the best solar panel for your home “Monocrystalline solar panel” or “Bifacial solar panel”. Then as per the research, bifacial solar panel is the best solar panel for a home. Because it generates electricity from both sides which gives you the benefit in emergency situation like in night times and in bad weather conditions.

Solar Inverter: As above we discussed that inverter converts the electricity from DC to AC. That’s why this is also one of the main components of solar panels which is connected by the solar panels to run the home appliances. Solar inverter comes in three types which are on-grid solar inverter, off-grid solar inverter, and hybrid solar inverter. The on-grid solar inverter is for those who want to reduce their electricity bills. These on-grid inverters work in synchronization with the electrical grid, which means you can use the power when it’s available and draw electricity from the grid when needed. On the other hand, an off-grid solar inverter not only reduces the bills but also it is also connected to a lithium battery which stores the excess electricity as a backup for nighttime or rainy days.

Now the best solar inverter for home is a hybrid solar inverter because it consists of the benefits of both on-grid and off-grid solar inverter. Apart from that it has several benefits like power backup as it is connected to solar battery, energy independence, and environmental benefits. Also, it has enhanced energy management.

Solar battery: Solar battery is another main component for those who have an off-grid or hybrid solar inverter. This is not required for on-grid solar inverters. A solar battery is used for storing electricity as a backup. It is a rechargeable battery that has a longer lifespan of 10 years and it is easy to maintain. So this will be a good fit for your home.  

Can We Run AC On Solar Panels?

Yes, we can run AC on solar panels. But for this, you have to buy a solar panel according to how much load you want to run with solar panels. As for AC, you have to buy at least a 5KW solar panel. Below 5KW solar panels will not be able to run an air conditioner. Now if you increase the number of AC then more kilowatts of solar panels will be needed to run them. 5KW solar system price is approx. Rs. 4,85,000 in India. 

When you buy a 5KW solar system you have to decide which solar inverter you will buy. All the three types of inverters are discussed above. You can choose according to your requirements.


After all the above discussion we come to the result that the technology is improved and you can run AC on solar panels. But the point is that you have to choose the perfect solar panel, solar inverter, and solar battery according to your needs, requirements, and budget. There are also solar subsidy schemes available for net metering with an on-grid solar system. Don’t worry about the solar panel price as you can pay it by easy EMI. And loan services are also available from Loom Solar. 

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