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The main need to survive is undoubtedly the requirement of money. Therefore, to meet all the needs as well as all the wants, people wouldn’t mind going an extra inch. In particular, the youth today is willing to earn an extra amount if it’s already earning, whereas, the ones who are not, it’s basically their need. Besides, home-makers, retired individuals, and any such person who is in need of earning a sum to sustain their living somehow, also look for an opportunity everywhere around.

This need arose even more during the COVID-19 period. Here are a few ‘work from home jobs’ you can take up to tackle with your actual need and extra needs:

  1. YouTubing

One of the most common, easy, interesting, and earning option one can opt for to start earning from an initial level, or as an extra source of income, is to start ‘YouTubing’. All you need is a good camera and storage phone with a good internet connection, and quality content that you would be working on. In fact, you can even start a channel with absolutely no show of your or anyone’s face, like that of starting of a poetry, art, cooking, etc. Additionally, if enough of promotion takes place for it, it sure is going to be where you want it to.




2. Content Writing

If you love writing, are good at it, and are willing to try your hands in new topics as well, content writing can definitely work amazing for you. All you need is to put your knowledge and creativity into it.



  1. Freelancing

Freelancing has been in trend for some time now. Freelancing is basically working for someone without being restricted only to that work. This means, that if you are working for say, ‘X’ person or company, you’re not restricted to work only for it. You can also take up sone other work of say, ‘Y’. Freelancing can vary from content writing to marketing- literally anything. This definitely can prove to be a great way to earn a good amount of money if you have that capability and are serious about the deadline with a quality output!



  1. Cooking

Cooking isn’t some rocket-science. Cooking skills simply develop with time. Cooking being a basic life skill, is just another option that you can take up to earn money, because people today yearn for home-cooked, but delicious and healthy food items. So, if you’re good at it, you are good to go with a little bit of efforts and self-promotion.



  1. Teaching

Do you have knowledge and are good at explaining and making people understand? Then, you definitely can be a good tutor and teach people the skills that you have and that they want to learn, from a subject-related thing to dance, doesn’t matter. People want to learn several things to develop themselves today. So, why don’t you take your talent to next level as well?



  1. Photographing

Did you know that good and specific photographs can help you earn? Well, you don’t need to have a good camera, as today, the phones too have good cameras. So, all you have to do us click some amazing pictures and sell them online. You may also opt for some specific company or theme related photography.




  1. Online business

The period of COVID-19 gave a lot of people opportunities to commence their own businesses and earn from home. You don’t need large finances to be an entrepreneur right from your home. In fact, you can start any kind of business- from painting and selling your original piece of art to selling you unused, trendy clothes.


  1. Affiliate marketing

If you are already working for a company and your company permits, you may also opt for affiliate marketing. It isn’t much, but kind of working for some other individual or company on behalf of your company.



  1. Blogging

Just like content writing, you can simply start blogging on your own on any topic. You may start blogging on fashion, travel, mental health, etc kind of topic. All you need is to have enough of knowledge on it, and out your creative side to it with an SEO content, i.e., use such keywords in your content that are most used or that people want to know more.


  1. Social Media Optimising

Social media optimisation is nothing, but working with and in the world of social media in such a way, that would attract more traffic or say, audience to whatever you’re trying to promote or bring everyone’s attention too.


Here are a few sites and companies that can help you to acquire some work from home jobs:

  1. Loom Solar




Loom Solar is currently a leading company that deals in the solar products and provides other services.

You can earn money online through this platform by becoming an affiliate from here.


  1. ShutterStock

Shutterstock is a site where you can post your originally clicked photographs, and people buy them if they like them.


  1. Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace that offers various digital services.


  1. Policybazaar

PolicyBazaar helps you compare different policies and insurance plans.


  1. Amazon

There exist very less people who don not know about Amazon. It’s buys as well as sells commodities.


  1. Freelancer

Freelancer is a marketplace that allows you to freelance.


  1. is a leading matrimonial that functions in India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.


  1. Groupon

Groupon is an amazing and growing company that helps local merchants on a global level.


  1. Meesho

Meesho supports small businesses and individuals on several social media sites.


  1. MakeMyTrip

MakeMyTrip is an Indian online travel company in India.

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