How to Earn Money Online from Home 2020

Today people want to have an extra source of income to meet their rising needs. They do not mind spending a few extra hours online, where they can make a lucrative amount of money. Students, housewife, employees, part-time job seekers, retried professionals, etc. can comfortably earn a decent living through Online Marketing. The pace of online marketing is on a rise in a developing economy like India. With the advent of smartphones and fast internet, online shopping is on a spree in the Indian market. Internet marketing is the process of promoting a business or brand and its products or services over the internet. Content, emails, search engines, paid media are different ways of Internet marketing. A little bit of creativity and a good internet connection is all you need to be successful in this area.


Internet marketing is a huge market in India. It is not only innovative and persuasive, but it also costs less than conventional advertising. It provides money earning opportunities for people. If they succeed they can establish their own startup business in this field. It is also beneficial for an employer as there is demand-basis spending and he can employ many people under one umbrella. Businesses can employ various tools to market their products or services. They can also reach a wide range of target customers all around the world with just one click. Businesses can also retain and maintain long-term relationships with their clients/ customers after their business is done, with just one email.


Scope of Internet Marketing

The scope of internet marketing is immense in India as there is an increasing number of people looking for money-asking opportunities. One can easily make anything between Rs. 25,000 to Rs.6 lakhs per annum. With over 560 million internet users, India is the second-largest online market in the world after China. This number is expected to increase to over 600 million by 2021. Most of the Indians access the internet over their smartphones. Today, each and everyone is hooked to his phone irrespective of age, gender or location. With the Indian government supporting ‘Digital India’ & Indian startups more jobs are expected to be created for people in this field. Hence, with a rising population having access to the internet and smartphones, this industry is bound to grow by leaps and bounds in India.

The statistic shows the number of mobile internet users in India from 2015 to 2023. In 2018, 390.9 million people accessed the internet through their mobile phones. In 2023, this figure is projected to amount to 500.9 million mobile phone internet users.

Most popular smartphone activities in India as of January 2018:

This statistic presents the most popular smartphone activities in India as of January 2018. During a survey, it was found that 21% of the respondents visited a social network, while 16% watched videos.


Another way to generate online sales and strengthen online business is through Affiliate Marketing or Referral Programs. About 15-20% of e-commerce customers come through these referral programs. An Affiliate Marketing or Referral Program strategy helps online businesses incentivize happy customers to promote their product and increase their base of customers.


Referral program industry is estimated to reach Rs. 6000 crores in value by 2021 from Rs, 700 crores in 2016. This is a massively growing business.

What is the way to earn money online from home?


There are some most popular ways:

#1. YouTuber

make money from youtube


Many digital marketing professionals choose to become a full-time YouTuber in any selected area. Once he builds a decent subscriber base and views, he can make money online from home with zero investment through YouTube monetization.

#2. Blogger

 make money from blog

Many digital marketing professionals choose full time blogging as their career. Bloggers can generate income from advertising and affiliate marketing strategies.

#3. Social Media Optimizers

make money from facebook

Social media optimizers are those professionals who work on optimizing a website and its content to drive more users/ traffic towards a website encouraging/ motivating them to use and share links to the website across social media and networking sites. 

#4. Content Writer

earn money through bloging

If you know how to write then the content writer is the best-suited profile for you. You can also work as a freelancer or on a project basis.

#5. Photographer


Anyone with interest in photography can become a photographer and sell his pictures,  sell photojournalism prints to news publications or even take pictures at local events and sell them online.

#6. Dealer

solar dealer

Anyone with a small establishment or shop can become a dealer of any popular products and earn commission on sales. 

#7. Distributor

solar distributor

A distributor is like a dealer but with a larger establishment and reach.

#8. Installer

Anyone with some basic training and mechanical knowledge can become a solar installer. He can collaborate with some brands and take up freelance jobs/ projects as and when he is available.

#9. Financial Agents

solar inference

It is seen that a few industries still lack sufficient funding channels. Take, for example, the solar industry. It is believed that if a clear funding channel is established the industry could grow at an exponential rate. The issue with this industry is that banks/ financial institutions are ready to loan to professionals having a steady stream of income but not to others/ small establishments.

#10. Tutors

solar online training

Anyone with a specialized interest in any subject matter e.g. solar energy can create a channel for educating the others. He can also collaborate with small companies to sell his expertise and educate/ train people in his subject matter.

Top 10 Online Money Earning Website in India 2020

#1. Loom Solar

loom solar

Loom Solar is a young solar company with a strong and growing online presence. the company deals in solar products and provides pre- and post-installation services.


#2. Amazon

amazon affiliate

Amazon is a leading e-commerce retail company having a growing presence in India. It is known for its large online product base, fast delivery, and excellent customer services. 

#3. Banggood

bangood affiliate

Banggood focuses on B2C cross-border export e-commerce and brings China's goods to the world.

#4. Fiverr

fivver affiliate program

Fiverr is one of the largest marketplaces offering digital services from its a wide range of freelancers offering their services, and to place orders in just one click.

#5. Freelancer

freelancer is a leading freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace by the number of users and projects. 

#6. Makemytrip


MakeMyTrip Limited is an Indian online travel company in India.

#7. Policybazaar

Policybazaar is an online insurance market that enables comparison of Insurance plans from different insurers, without the need to visit different websites or brokers.

#8. is an online matrimonial website primarily focusing on India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, but with global operations.

#9. Groupon

Groupon is a global e-commerce marketplace connecting consumers/ subscribers with local merchants by offering discount deals on a host of activities, travel, goods, and services.

#10. Meesho

Meesho enables small businesses and individuals to start their online stores via social channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. It is an online social commerce platform.


If you are still reading this part, it is an assurance that you are thinking strongly about exploring this avenue. We have already read that Internet Marketing is a booming market in India given a growing population and increasing use of the internet by common masses. There are several avenues through which you can make the most of the growing opportunity. You just need focus, discipline and some basic training in this regard. If you enjoyed reading this article and think you can benefit or have any doubts regarding affiliate marketing do contact us.

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