Which Business Is Best To Start?

To start a business you need to do proper research about the industry in which you want to start. You need to look for the best business you can start with low investment in the industry in which you want to start. There are many businesses that you can start with lo-investment, but here we will discuss solar businesses or solar dealership. 

 How To Start a Solar Business? 

If you want to start a new business with less investment and have an interest in the solar sector then you can join our dealer & distributor in your area.

How To Apply For The Dealership?

To apply for the dealership you need to visit the Loom Solar website and search for the dealership page. 

How Much Is The Registration Fee?

The registration fee for the dealership is Rs.1000 which is non-refundable.

What Documents Are Required?

The documents that are required for the dealership are your Aadhar card, PAN card, and GST. 

Information About Dealership Certificates?

After registration and completing the documentation, you will get the certification within 24 hours of the registration. 

What Are The Benefits Of Dealerships?

The benefit you can get from the dealership is that you will get a healthy margin of up to 10 to 15%. 

Who Will Provide The Training for the Dealership?

Our company will provide the training of the dealership. 

What Items Does Your Company Provide?

The company provides solar panels, solar inverters, lithium batteries, etc. 

Distributor In a Nearby Area?

If you are planning to install a solar panel at home or business, then you can connect to the best solar panel manufacturer at your location. 

How Much Payment Can Be Made at One Time?

The min. Investment is Rs.25000 and after that no further target. 


To get more information about the dealership and distributors you can consult our team. They will guide you with the details and you can also visit our dealership page to know more information about the dealership. 

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