How Much does a 5kW Solar System Cost with a Battery?

On an average, a 5kW solar system can cost you high. It can also vary on several factors including location, brand, and installation specifics. In this article, you will get to know about the information on the 5kW off-grid solar system. 

How Can I get a Quotation for a 5kw Solar System?

You can get a quotation for a 5kW solar system through our engineer visit. They will provide detailed information on the solar quotation, solar system type, and others. 

What Components will be Available in a 5kW Off-Grid Solar System?

The components of a 5kW off-grid solar system have the latest technology a 550-watt solar panel, lithium battery, ACDB, DCDB, structure, solar inverter, and BoS. 

Is an Inverter Available On a 5kW Off Grid Solar System?

A 5kW off-grid solar system is designed to work independently without the grid connection. A 5kW solar system also includes an inverter as well as other components as mentioned above. 

Which Batteries does the Company Provide?

The company provides the battery with a 5kW solar system that is “CAML 10048 5KWH lithium battery”. This battery is a perfect power battery backup solution for home and business. The CAML 10048 5KWH lithium battery is enough to run approx. 5 kilowatt load with the 5-star rating latest technology appliances.

How Much does the Battery Cost?

The cost of a lithium battery starts from Rs. 2,250 to Rs. 15,0000. However the price of CAML 10048 5KWH lithium battery” is approximately Rs. 108,000. The cost of the battery depends on the sanctioned load of your home. 

How Much does a 5kW Solar System Cost?

The cost of a 5kW solar system is approximately 4-5 lakhs. To know more about the pricing of a 5kW solar system you can book an engineer visit. The engineers will visit your location and provide the quotation for a 5kW off-grid solar system. 

Can I Run 5HP and 10HP Motors On a 5kW Solar System?

The most asked question what appliances can a 5kW solar system run? A 5kW solar system can run appliances such as 5HP motor, 10HP motor, fans, lights, ACs, coolers, fridges, etc. 

Can I Run the Submersible Pump?

Yes, this solar system can run a submersible pump and other appliances also that are mentioned earlier. 

Is a Loan Facility Available?

Yes, the loan facility is available for installing a solar power system for home and businesses. You can get solar panel on a loan facility by doing a 20% downpayment that will be equal to your monthly electricity bills. 


To get the approximate pricing, installation, and solar system details you need to consult with your nearby solar installer or you can consult the best solar panel installer in your location. To  get the detailed information you can book an engineer visit from our website.

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