Loom Solar Introducing Mini Home Lighting System for Rural Areas

In the rural areas of India, where there is no electricity, solar lights seem to be the perfect solution. Almost Most of the rural Indian population still depend on kerosene lamps for their living. Not only are kerosene lamps expensive, kerosene oil used is also hazardous and polluting. About 100,000 Indian villages do not yet have electricity which means that the productivity comes to a complete stop in the dark. Using Solar lights will definitely increase the efficiency of people by allowing them to work and children study after it gets dark. These people will be free to use their Mobile phones, TVs and radios to remain entertained. With the advent of Solar Lights in these places, the life of these people will surely change. Solar Lighting is an economical way to save on electricity costs and is also environment-friendly.

Advantages of Using Home Lighting System

Advantages of Using Solar Lights

Solar Lamps or Solar Lanterns have seen an impressive growth in rural parts, driven mainly by the lack of access to grid electricity and the high costs and ill-effects of kerosene or gas lamps. Solar Lamps have been successful mainly due to their economic value rather than their green characteristics.


The solar-powered light is 10 to 20 times brighter than a kerosene lamp. Kerosene is a health hazard resulting in accidental fires and causing a lot of smoke, which can lead to various respiratory diseases. Kerosene causes indoor pollution, which is estimated to kill 1.6 million people each year, whereas solar lights are environment-friendly. Moreover, the kerosene is given in limited quantities and is not sufficient to light the darkness for a month or more. Solar LED Lamps has been a godsend solution to this problem. More such products are needed in the villages to help reduce carbon emissions. 

Features of Solar Home Lighting System

 why loom solar mini home lighting system

A solar home lighting system comprises of the following components:


  1. Battery - It comes with a lithium battery.
  2. Backup Time – Back up power is available for the whole night.
  3. Charging Duration – gets fully charged during the day with the help of sunlight.
  4. Warranty – It comes with 5 years warranty
  5. Convenient to use - Simply Play and Plug. It is also light-weight and portable. You can also carry it along while traveling, camping, hiking, etc.

Application of Mini Solar System

mini solar system applications

There are a few solar myths about Is solar system beneficial for me, why should we choose solar system, etc. As our solar professional observed about home lighting system, they saw the following places where mini solar system is very very important, such as


  • Transport
  • Outdoor Activities – Camping, Agriculture Works
  • School Projects
  • Homes
  • Street Shops
  • Boats, and more.


You can find more applications of mini home lighting system here. 

    Why Loom Solar introduce Solar Home Lighting System?

    When we asked solar professionals about this solar system - why should we introduce this system, we got the following response-


    solar professional opinion

    Features of Loom Solar 50 watt off grid solar system 

    mini solar system features

    Loom Solar’s solar system is designed for villages having power problems and use kerosene, emergency light for their power needs. The DC system is sufficient enough to power one small hut to light and charge the mobile for full night. The Loom Solar 50W off-grid solar system comes with a 50 watts solar panel (mono-crystalline), 12 Ah lithium ion solar battery, 6 Amp solar charge controller, etc. This system is user-friendly and easy to use and comes with DIY standard installation. It also has a USB charging port for mobile phones. The battery can store upto stores 200 watts power. The backup time depends upon usage. If you use 20 watt light, the backup time will be 10 hours (200/20). You can read more details about the product here.


    Price of Home Light System – When you are searching this solar system online and local shops, the price of this system will be vary. When you take final decision to buy this product, you should carefully verify components of this system. The price of this system is Rs. 6,990 including delivery charges. We assured delivery within 3 days across India including villages.


    Service – We will replace the product, if the product is affected during the warranty period.

    Where to Buy this Product

    where to buy mini solar system

    The solar consumers can buy this product from loomsolar.com and it’s authorized partners’ shops.


    Solar home lighting system is becoming very popular by the day. It is not only ecological but also economical. It offers a healthy and cost-effective alternative to the kerosene lamps. Kerosene poses many life threatening conditions to its users. In stark contrast, solar uses the life nurturing sunlight to function. It is a boon to people in the rural areas with no access to clean energy. Loom Solar is trying to help consumers make more informed decisions regarding buying solar systems and also provides the convenience of buying products online from the comfort of your home. Not only does the company sells solar products online, but also gets it delivered to almost all the pin codes in India within three days. Loom Solar also provides services such as free installation, getting government approvals for subsidies and net metering. 

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    I want 100watts Solar set-up for farm.How much is the battery cost?What is the battery life? Will I get any subsidy?



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    Satyendra Kumar

    I want buy for rural villages family suitable for 50watt off-grid system
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