Can You Run A Water Pump on An AC Module?

What do you think about running a water pump on the Grid Connected AC Module? There are two common purposes of installing water pumps – one for homes and another for agriculture. As per trends, we observe that many hand pumps in homes and public places have been replaced by water pumps (Submersible Pump or Tullu Pump). As per discussion with many homeowners, they are generally using ½ HP, 1 HP, 3 HP motors as per their needs. We know that an electricity bill of residential and agriculture establishments is different (residential electricity bill per unit: ~7 to 8 per unit and agriculture electricity bill per unit: ~₹ 0.10 to 0.25 per unit). In this blog, we will discuss the residential case.

As per our expert observation, 70% of homes generate electricity bills between ₹ 1500 to 2000 and these homes have average load is 1kW. About 90% of homeowners are already using inverter and battery for power backup. They are finding a solution to reduce their electricity bills. Some homeowners install high-efficiency dc solar panels (known as mono panel) with the latest technology solar charge controller (known as mppt) and they generally run home appliances on solar power during the day and on battery during the night. In case of low battery, appliances run automatically on grid power. These types of solar consumers are happy and are saving their electricity bills by up to 50% monthly. But this solution has some limitations when homeowners want to run Water Pump, Air Conditioner, Geyser or Room Heater. What would be the next solution to this situation?

Loom Solar has launched new technology premium PV modules, called AC Module. It is a Grid Connected Solar System which is used for reducing electricity bills. It has many advantages that make it different from an ordinary grid-connected solar system.
loom solar ac module
  1. It is an expandable
  2. Net Meter is optional
  3. It has panel level performance monitoring
  4. It is safer than the traditional grid-connected system, 
  5. It has a partial shadow impact.

You can read in detail here. AC Module vs. Grid-Tied Solar System: Which is Better?

In this blog, we come on the main point now – Can You Run A Water Pump on an AC Module?

Yes, you heard it right! Loom Solar has recently installed an AC Module for a Water Pump in Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan. Nilesh Jangir is the solar influencer in Udaipur city who is making people aware of solar energy through his Solarable YouTube channel. He went to our solar consumer resident, Kaloli, Jhunjhunu in Rajasthan, where he captured the feedback from both the homeowner (M/S. Sarta Devi) and installer (Nand Kishor, Authorized Partner of Loom Solar), so watch this video here.


Do You Know Where Consumers Are Installing Solar Panels?

I believe, you will say, YES, I know. But when our solar professional talk to solar consumers, Sir/Mam’m, can you tell me where will you use this solar system? The solar consumers generally answer about unique applications, that we have never thought about. So, we have given the top five solar panels applications below, and we hope that you enjoy reading this.  

1. 250Watt Solar Panel Installation on Yamuna River, Delhi

250Watt Solar Panel Installation on Yamuna River, Delhi

Objective: This installation was done to check the water level for internet connection. The solar panels are used to power the water level sensor.


2. 2kW AC Modules Installation in Jhunjhunu (Rajasthan)

2kW AC Modules Installation in Jhunjhunu (Rajasthan)

Objective: The solar system was installed to reduce the electricity bill. It is mainly being used for powering the water pump in agriculture.


3. 540Watt Off Grid Solar System Installation in Ghatal, West Bengal

540Watt Off Grid Solar System Installation in Ghatal, West Bengal

Objective: The customer wants to run electric appliance by solar power during the day and by batteries at night.


4. 360Watt Off Grid Solar System Installation in Bangalore, Karnataka

360Watt Off Grid Solar System Installation in Bangalore, Karnataka

Objective: The solar system was installed for battery charging.


5. 180Watt Off Grid Solar System Installation in Sadalga, Karnataka

180Watt Off Grid Solar System Installation in Sadalga, Karnataka

Objective: The customer did not have enough budget that’s why he installed 1kW Solar Inverter & 150Ah Battery with 180Watt Mono Panel. He is an electrician by profession. The customer installed the solar system Mr. Sunil Pradhane explained about the benefits of going solar.


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Chandrakant shinde - March 8, 2021

How I can run 5hp dc solar to ac motar etc.

Anil kumar - January 20, 2021

I am planning to setup solar panels in my house to reduce our electricity bill which is upto 6000 rs (2 monthly). I have 1.5 hp water pump, geyser, refrigerator and air conditioner as power equipments. Please advise if off grid solar system can support the running of these equipments atleast one at a time. If so how many Kw solar panel do I require and what would be the total investment to setup.

Dhanaseelan - December 27, 2020

I want one hp water pump setup

KP FARMS - December 27, 2020

We are interested to install solar panel to run one of our small farm trial mode.

Power load
1hp – submersible pump
20 watts – LED bulb


Madhukar Salunkhe - July 16, 2020

I want to install solar pump system for agricultural purpose. I have a 500 feet deep bore well in my farm. Which solar system is suitable for me means 5 hp AC module or 7.5 hp . What is the cost of 5 hp solar pump or 7.5 hp pump. I live in maharashtra sangli district. Please inform me .

Raymond Edafe Emmanuel - December 6, 2019

Please can you make me understand about this direct AC model model model is it that you can run your air condition directly on the solar panel without battery operating on an AC frequency please make me understand much more better how does it work is it direct AC generation or dc 2 AC is the solar panel producing direct current or alternative current which one is it producing

PURAMA SESHU BALAJI - December 1, 2019

if (Ac module) – Loom Solar 350 watt mono panel can be used for 1hp and 0.5 hp self-priming monoblock pumps?

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