How to charge sla battery?

The SLA (Sealed Lead Acid Battery) and SMF (Sealed Maintenance Free Battery) are almost the same batteries. The main difference between SLA Battery & Lead Acid Battery is that the internal construction is different: SLA Battery is made from Spunch Materials, while Lead Acid Battery is made in liquid form. The common similarity between both batteries is that they are rechargeable batteries. Both batteries will charge and discharge at the same time.

The main purpose of using an SLA battery in any moving vehicle, like a bike, car, truck, bus, etc., is that it has enough power to supply the energy and requires only less power to start the vehicle for a short duration when an engine is turned off. SLA batteries are safer than lead-acid batteries, especially for moving vehicles or mobility applications or vehicles moving from one place to another, because there is no need to worry about leakage and because they are sealed with pressure in these types of batteries, making them a safe option.

Now your question is how do you charge the SLA battery? Here, I would like to share two methods which you can follow to charge your SLA Battery.

Method 1: Using an Alternator

Suppose an SLA battery is used in vehicles such as a Car or Bike. By using SLA Battery, vehicles will be easily able to self-start with it also, do not forget that the SLA battery can also charge simultaneously with the help of an alternator.

Step 2: Using a Solar Panel & Charge Controller

In many cases, some people are using an old battery after taking away the battery from their old bike, car, and truck and then reusing it, because of this, the battery can able to run and cater to all the DC loads such as fan, light, mobile charging, etc. Even if you are curious enough to experiment with SLA Batteries from your car, bike, or truck to run the fan and light or use it for mobile charging, you will be able to do so. But the question is how you will be able to charge this battery – that is the main question. We will see how we can charge this battery; all you need is a solar panel, a charge controller, and a 1–2-meter 4 sq. mm. DC wire.

Solar Panel Capacity = Battery Capacity * 2

For example, if you have a 7Ah SLA battery, then the solar panel should be

Solar panel capacity = 7Ah * 2

                                     = 14 Watts

You need to purchase a 10W to 20 W solar panel to charge 7Ah SLA Battery.

The Charge Controller rating should now be

Charge Controller = Charge Controller Rating > Solar Panel Output

                                = 10Amp > 1.04A

This means you will need to purchase a 10Amp, 12V-24V solar charging controller.  

Now that you have learned to charge an SLA Battery. Hope you have a fun taking your old batteries off cars, bikes, or trucks and then recycling them for running fans and lights or use them for mobile charging.

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