How to charge 6v battery with solar panel?

6V batteries are often used in most portable equipment’s like Solar lights, Garden lights, Toys and etc. They are useful to a variety of use cases and by people like in the Outdoor  campaigns, by farmers, the street shops, CSR activities, and many more. This 6V battery also comes with a 2W to 8W dc light, 3Amp Mobile Charging Socket, It comes with a Battery Level Indicator, Plug-in-Play USB Cable to charge your battery, and a Power Button to turn on or off the battery and it is made of ABS / PVC Materials that’s easily portable and even light to carry.

It is important to charge the batteries only with a required and sufficient voltage panels, If the solar panels have much higher voltage and more power output, Then the batteries without an external overcharging circuit risk overcharging battery damages or battery degradation in the long run. If you are here looking to buy a solar panel  and confused if your existing battery that is rated at 6V, whether if it can handle your existing battery, then you are at the right place. This guide will help you to charge your 6V battery with a right solar panel that can meet your needs.

Formula for charging a 6V Battery:

= Battery Voltage * 1.5 times

=6V * 1.5


Hence, After multiplying the battery voltage by 1.5 times, we get the Solar Panel’s IMP required to charge a 6V Battery with a solar panel

Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp) = 9V

 = 0.52 *12

The 6V battery usually comes with 2* 3.2 volt cells which is used to make this portable battery. To charge a 6V battery from a solar panel, then the solar panel must be rated up to 9V maximum power voltage (Vmp). 

Let’s assume that our Solar Garden Light consumes up to 3W to 6W, rated at 9V:

Note: 6V is the rated battery, 9V is the rated capacity of the Solar Panel

So deducting the rated capacity of solar panel and the battery rating, we can deduce the overcharging voltage risk. In order to calculate the charge required for 6V Battery charging, Let us explore the formula for 6V Battery charging. So multiplying One Cell that is rated at 3.2V with 2 cells, we will get 6.4V. As you can see down below.

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phillip boelen

phillip boelen

I have a car that has a 6v battery. I drive this car probable 12 times a year at best.

I have a 20v solar panel on my roof. Dont know the wattage. it been there for years. today I tested the panel and it putting out 20v.

Now, Is there a charger or controller I can use to connect to the solar panel that will trickle charge the 6v battery?so the led acid battery is fully charge?

Currently I am using a trickle charger that connect to the main 240v

Cheers Phil

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