Why You Should Buy 180 Watt Solar Panels Today

More and more buyers search for 250 Watt solar panels for the ease of calculation and number of panels to be installed. If they want to install a 1 kW system, they instantly know that they want four 250 W panels. However, with technology improvement, newer versions of solar panels are available in the market which many buyers are not aware of. The whole idea behind this article is to educate the buyers about better solar panel technology and brands that are more competitive today.


A solar system primarily consist of solar panels, inverter and battery. Most of the buyers who look for 150 Watt solar panel are those who already have battery available at their residences. They are the ones who do not want to install solar system to save power bills but want to have power available 24*7. Only a handful of companies like Microtek and Su-Kam have 150 Watt solar panels. However, it is important to note here that the latest technology is not only superior efficiency wise, but is also available at a cheaper price.

About Loom Solar

Headquartered in Faridabad, Haryana, Loom Solar is India’s No. 1 Mono Panel Manufacturer Company with a growing online presence in India. The company has a reputation of selling a wide range of latest solar energy products. It sells both mono and polycrystalline solar panels in 10 W - 340 W range. These panels are suitable for both off-grid (120/160/180 Watt) installations as well as outdoor activities (10-50 Watt) like camping, street lights etc.

Why Loom Solar is Better?

why loom solar is different from other

Some parts of our country still face power cuts during summer, heavy rains or due to fault in transformers. A single inverter battery, mostly used at homes, is capable of providing a maximum 2-3 hours of power backup in one go. Here solar comes into play! If you have installed just two 180 Watt solar panels at your residence, you can comfortably run your household appliances like bulbs, fans, TV, refrigerator, washing machine etc. during day time, completely independent of the power from the grid. Panels of higher wattage (320 W/ 350 W) can be used for on grid (grid connected) solar system, where air conditioner, double door refrigerator, water heater, submersible pump etc. are being used.

Advantages of Mono Panel

Monocrystalline is the better technology today. The technology is capable of generating power even post 3 o’clock, when most of the panels become ineffective. Mono technology can function well in cloudy and low light conditions and till 5 o’clock in the evening. Loom Solar’s 180 Watt solar panel is the most widely sold panel, which can generate up to 9 Amp of current in sunlight.

Specs of 180 Watt Solar Panel

Following are some benefits of Loom 180 Watt mono solar panels:-

i) Mono PERC Cells

solar mono perc cells

Monocrystalline solar panels are made up of highly efficient solar cells (up to 20% more efficient) which are capable of functioning even in cloudy or low light conditions.

ii) Unbreakable Glass

solar panel glass

The panels are made up of 3.2 mm toughened unbreakable glass, which is as strong as the windshield glass used in a car and can even withstand monkey attacks, hail storms, or a hard hit by the Cosco ball.

iii) Rust free frame 

solar panel frame

The frame of the panel is rust-free, and is made up of 1.5 mm thick super finish aluminum. It comes with a 1 mm mounting hole which helps in easy DIY installation.

iv) Easy to Install

essay installation

It also has a 1 meter DC wire with MC4 connectors which helps in easy connection with the panels.

v) Competitive Price

lowest solar panel price

The 180 Watt solar panel by Loom Solar is available at competitive price point. You can visit our website and check out here:


A 180 Watt solar panel can be used to charge 12 Volt battery. If you already have an inverter battery at home, then you need to install solar panels of double the size of battery capacity to enable uninterrupted power supply. If you desire to run all your appliances by solar power during the day, then you need to install solar panels totaling four times the capacity of battery. Hence, four solar panels of 180 Watt will be required to easily power the battery charging as well as all your home appliances during the day.

Watch Solar Video in Hindi

In this video, you will know about Loom Solar 180 Watt/12V Monocrystalline Solar Panel Connection, Testing, Installation, Unbox, Specification and more.


As solar technology becomes more and more mainstream, it is going to witness several upgradations - be it the efficiency or price or the technology. It is important for buyers to be well aware of the rapid improvements and choose to purchase only the latest technology. The 180 Watt solar panel by Loom Solar is a better substitute of the 150 Watt & 160 Watt panels of yesterday.


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lalit kumar - November 11, 2019

hi sir. i have micromax microlyte 1125q solar inverter, recently i purchase 2.nos of 180 w solar panel from you. can my inverter handle the power of panel .tell me and check my inverter capicitt

Abdul - September 21, 2019

I have 3 Solar Panels of 150watt/12volts and Microtek 1135/12 solar inverter which permits maximum 600watts. Can I add 1 solar panel of 180watt/12volts with this inverter? Or it will not work .

AJITH KUMAR V - September 9, 2019


I am planning to buy loom solar panel 180 watts*2 Nos. Which inverter is suitable for the panels? Should I buy charge controller?

365 - May 28, 2019

once again i am repeated , Thanks for sharing this information with us.

365 - May 28, 2019

First of all this is a wonderful article. You are clearly explained about the topic “Why You Should Buy 180 Watt Solar Panels Today” . Now days, solar panels are useful in many ways. i am really very glad to read this article. Thanks for sharing such a amazing article with us. keep sharing a more wonderful articles like this !!!!……

Shishir Sethis - May 13, 2019

I am in howrah .how I install mono solar system in my godown

Shishir Sethis - May 13, 2019

I am in howrah .how I install mono solar system in my godown

ANUJ - May 1, 2019

I want solar panels but I have a doubt that if any problem comes in panel and inverter the how can complain

Sudhakara Rao Dondapati - April 30, 2019

Is the cost is of 7500,which could run fan lights refregirator so on

shabbir anwar - April 26, 2019

abi tak mera certificate nahi mila hai dealership ka 2/3 mahine hogaye

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