Loom solar panel 180 watt / 12 volt mono crystalline

with 25 Years* Warranty
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Product Summary

Loom solar 180 watt solar panel is made of A grade black silicon cells to generate electricity from sun. The cells are made of superior quality silicon which gives higher efficiency up to 20% and also performs better in low light. It is the latest panels in mono crystalline technology that comes with 5 busbars 36 cells and 25 years performance warranty. IP 67 rated junction with MC4 connectors and 1 meter wire is given for outdoor use. 



Loom Solar

Output Power

180 Watts

Space Requirement

10 sq. feet

Operating Voltage

12 Volt

Panel Technology

Mono Crystalline (latest)

Manufacturer warranty

10 year on Manufacturing defects

Performance Warranty

25 Years

Additional Features

A+ Grade, anti PID Mono cells

Cell Conversion efficiency > 20%

1 meter wire for connection with MC4 connectors Inside


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wattage (Wp)

180 watts

voltage at max power

19.95 volts

current at max power

9.03 amps

open circuit voltage

23.26 volts

short circuit current

9.31 amps

number of cells




Shipping Details


11 Kg


height - 4.8 feet

width - 2.2 feet


Product Manual : Download product data sheet to know electrical parameters


Ask a Question
  • I want to ask a question that if i will buy 180 watt poly panel and 180 watt mono panel and install them on a same place. If temperature ariives at 50 degree celcious. which panel give more power mono or poly. same question if same panel are in 25 degree temperature then which panel give more power. i lve in UP and i have luminous 160 watt poly panel and ai want to buy a solis mono panel from loom solar. please suggest.

    solar panel efficiency is tested at standard 25 degree celcious. At 25 degree celcious, the efficiency of mono crystalline panel will be 3% higher than poly crystalline, but when temprage increases to 50 degree celcious, To check weather which solar panel will perform better in high tempratue, check solar panel technical data sheet, Typically, solar panels based on monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar cells will have a temperature coefficient in the –0.44% to -.50%. temperature coefficien means is that for each degree over 25˚C … the maximum power of the panel is reduced by 0.44%. i.e. Mono crystalline is always better. 

  • What about warranty? Whom to be contacted if needed?

    If you buy solar panel, manufacturer provides warranty, in 180 watt mono crystalline solar panels, there is 10 years warranty on manufacuring defects and 25 years warranty on performance. 

  • Did it comes with extra wire

    180 watt mono crystalline solar panel requires DC wire to be connected with either solar inverter and solar charge controller. DC wire does not come with this panel. 

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very High Performance Than Written

getting with 180W Single Panel Voc - 23.5 volt Without Load current 10.97 Amp with Load 9.5 (10Meter 6MM wire) Total 4No.s 180w Panels Proving 45-47 Amp in Parallel (12V) With MPPT 23-25- Amp in 2 Series in Parallel (24Volt system) MPPT

Niraj P.
India India

Very good

Good customer feed back and also product is good.

Shanmughan M.
India India

The supporting items such as

The supporting items such as panel frame etc aren't delivered you

Rajendra M.
India India

Very good product..

Very good product..

Shambhunath D.
India India

Loom solar panels in India. I am proud

Best performance in clouding slay. I am using loom 180 wat mono solar panel & save electric bill.

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