Luminous shine 2420 solar conversion kit 20 amps, 12V / 24V charge controller

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Luminous Solar Retrofit is an upgraded version of Solar charge controller which converts conventional Inverter into hybrid solar system. i.e. if you already have inverter and battery, By adding Suitable Solar Panel and Solar retrofit, your system will be converted into solar solution. It works with Single battery (12V) and Double battery (24V) Inverter system.

Product Descriptions

Model Name

SRS 1220

System rating

20 Amp @ 12 Volt, 24 V

Charging current (max)

20 Amp

Panel Support

Up to 800 Watts

Power connection

30 A Terminal block

Solar panel voltage (max)

25 V

Wire Size (max)

6 square mm



  • Easy to Install and use
  • Solar optimization technique
  • Three modes selections
  • LED/ LCD indications
  • Inbuilt reverse polarity & reverse current protection

Technical specifications

  • Battery type selection switch
  • Four operational modes: auto/manual/charger/100% solar
  • Compatible with wide range of PV panel array wattage
  • Inbuilt protections for short circuit, over voltage, over current, over charge and deep discharge


Ask a Question
  • Can we add 160 watt pv module in normal inverter set up without any charge controller my battery is 150 ah

    You connect solar panels directly with normal battery of 150 Ah. But keep in mind, you should not connect more than 300 watts of panel directly with battery. 

  • With this luminous retrofit(pwm) I have connected 2 12v 150watt pannels, 220ah battery and 900va inverter (as hybrid). Because there a lot of power cut in the area so can I connect sukam MPPT charge controller as in parallel with this luminous retrofit (pwm)? or it will create any problem if there is power avl at the time. pls guide.

    Mppt charge controller is used for getting higher efficiency, Since, There is too much power cut in your area, The first priority is to charge battery from solar panel. To charge 220 Ah battery, first you need 600 watts of solar panel. Secondly, Use Mppt solar charge controller for higher efficiency. There is no need to connect two charge controllers (Pwm and MPPT) both. 

  • Which is better Sukam solarcon or Luminous Retrofit and what is the difference between Sukam Solarcon and Luminous Retrofit?

    Sukam Solar con is better product compared to Luminous Shine 2420 retrofit. check out loom solar Unboxing video to see comparison. 

  • Is it mppt type or pwm type?

    This is an PWM based charge controller.

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