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My consumption is around 1000 units per month, and I live in Vadodara Gujrat where electricity is coming 24 hours so which solar system should I install?

Gujarat is such an area where there is sunlight throughout the year but from November to February, the temperature is usually between 12°C to 29°C. So, you can opt for an on grid solar system for your home because you have a power supply of 24 hours, and your monthly consumption unit is too high that why with this solar system you easily reduce your monthly bill.

What is on Grid Solar System?

On grid solar system is installed where electricity is available for 24 hours. This type of solar system uses solar panels to generate electricity from the sun and then feeds that electricity into the grid for use in home. Many homeowners choose on grid solar system for home because they can enjoy excess electricity produce by their system as they can use it and save on the electricity bill. One of the benefits of an on-grid solar system is that it allows homeowners to use solar power when it's available and to draw electricity from the grid when solar power isn't sufficient. This can help to reduce energy costs and can also provide a backup power source in the event of a power outage.

How many kilowatts of solar system is preferable for 1000 units per month?

We suggest the 7-kilowatt on grid solar system for you depends on your monthly consumption of electricity.
A standardisation calculation of generate an electricity from the 1 kw solar system is approx. 4 to 5 units per day after taking 5 to 6 hours of absorbing the sunlight with the help of this we get some idea of 7 kw solar system unit generation. 7 Kw solar system can generate around approx 35 to 40 units per day with this you can get an approx. 1000 –1100 units per month.This power is enough to run electricity on your home according to your 1000 unit per month consumption.

What is Price of 7 KW on-grid solar system?

The cost of installing an on-grid solar system is 70-75K/KW, so the 7 kW solar system costs will be around 4 to 4.5 lakhs.

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