Suitable Solar System for 300 Units Monthly Consumption

All conditions only depend upon the purpose of usage. If your primary intends to reduce electricity bills, then this content is so helpful to you.

On average, a 1 kW solar system can generate 3-4 units of electricity. Therefore a 3 kW On-Grid solar system is sufficient to provide 300 units every month (in normal conditions).

Why On-Grid Solar System?

  1. Comparatively On-Grid solar systems are more affordable than other types of solar systems.
  2. With low maintenance, it provides 25 years of warranty.
  3. The availability of subsidies on the On-Grid Solar system results in long-term financial benefits.
  4. Including Your primary intention, it provides environmental sustainability. The on-grid solar system utilizes clean, renewable energy from the sun to reduce carbon emissions.

Before 3kW On-Grid solar system Installation: Key Points

Before proceeding with an On-Grid solar system installation, it is necessary to follow several key procedures to ensure a smooth and successful installation. These are some steps to consider:

  1. Professional Site Inspection (PSI): Evaluate your property's suitability for solar panel installation. Consider factors such as the available space for solar panels, the orientation and tilt of the roof or ground area, shading from nearby structures or objects, and any possible obstacles that could affect solar panel performance. It is always advisable to consult with a professional solar installer in your area who can provide guidance at an individual level and ensure compliance with all necessary procedures and limitations. An experienced solar installer can conduct a detailed site inspection to select the optimal spot for solar panel installation.

  2. Permits and approvals: Examine with relatable nearby authorities or utility companies to know the permission requirements for solar system installation in your area, including facility permits, electrical permits, and grid interconnection agreements.

  3. Choose a professional solar installer: Loom Solar provides the best quality with the latest technology and solar panels with higher efficiency at competitive prices in India. contact us

The Best solar product for 3 kW or above sanctioned load

Loom Solar presents the best 3kW on-grid solar system for home usage. It can generate approx. 15 units every day from morning (during 7 hours of sunlight). Which can be able to run any home appliance.

This Solar system is competently suited for reducing your electricity bill. It will help you to save your monthly electricity bills from 60 to 100%, depending upon the generation & usability.

Components in 3 KW On Grid Solar System

Solar Panel- Loom Solar Panel SHARK 440 * 6 (best solar panel for home)

Solar Inverter-FUSION 31 (3kw Single Phase On-grid inverter)

Connector Type-MC4 connector 1in 1 out

Connecting wires-Loom Solar DC Wire 4sqmm-15mtr. Pair / AC Wire 4sqmm 2core

Protection & Safety Devices-DCDB 1IN 1OUT / ACDB Single Phase / Lightning Arrester (LA) / 2 meters. GI Earthing electrode with Chemical Bag / One-Core Alternate Current wire for Earthing


Avg. price of 3kW, 1Phase. The price for the On-Grid solar system in India is Rs. 284,000, including products, delivery, and installation. But Loom Solar offers a discount of 20,000 exclusively on 3kW solar On-Grid solar systems for home- SHOP NOW!


A subsidy amount on this solar system is Rs. 43,764 by the central govt. The subsidy amount will be withdrawn within 1-2 months from the consumer bank account after Net-Meter installation.

Easy EMI / Loan

Loom Solar has partnered with leading banks to provide an Easy EMI / Solar Loan. Check Monthly Installment for Solar Loan.


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