Solar System for 1 HP Water Motor

To determine the kilowatt (kW) capacity of a solar system required for a 1 horsepower (HP) water motor, we need to convert the power rating from horsepower to kilowatts.

The conversion factor is as follows:

1 HP = 0.746 kW

Therefore, for a 1 HP water motor, the power requirement in kilowatts would be:

1 HP = 0.746 kW

So, a solar system capable of generating at least 0.746 kW would be sufficient to power a 1 HP water motor.


For this, Loom Solar will recommend you a  1 Kilowatt solar system is sufficient to run 1 hp water motor or water pump with this solar system you can also enjoy the power of more equipment of your home such as Lights, Fans, TV, Laptop, Cooler, Iron etc. 

What are the components in a 1 KW solar system?

There are 4 components- 

1. Solar Panel - Shark Bifacial Solar panel 440 watt*2
2. Inverter - 2550 VA Solar inverter
3. Battery - 150 AH Solar Battery
4. BoS components - 2 Panel stand, 4sqmm 15 meter pair DC wire, distribution box, earthing kit and  (2in 1 + 1in 1) MC4 connectors etc. 

What will be the price of it?

The price of the 1kW solar system is "1,05,5000." This pricing could be varied on solar system type: on grid solar system, off grid solar system and hybrid solar system.

Can I get a Subsidy on it?

No, Indian Government does not offer any subsidy on off-grid solar systems.

Can I buy it on EMI?

Yes, it is possible to purchase a solar system on monthly instalments EMI. Loom Solar offers financing options to make solar system more affordable and accessible to homeowners. With the facility of the solar loan, Installing solar systems on emi is improving in recent years.


Keep in mind that this is a basic estimation and does not account for variations in weather conditions, system losses, or the specific characteristics of your location. To get a more accurate assessment based on your specific circumstances we always recommended a engineer visit they will guide you according to your need and budget. 


Nimit verma

Nimit verma

1.5 water kotor k liye solar watt

Rizwan khan

Rizwan khan

I want to install the system.
Contact to me for price details and how can install

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