How to run Water Motor without Generator? [ बिना जनरेटर के पानी की मोटर कैसे चलाएं ]

For a long time we were wondering how people live in the forest. They build a farmhouse in the forest. However, where do they get their electricity? So here we are. There is no electricity anywhere here. As you can see, there is a lake behind and all the surrounding areas are jungle areas. Here a JNTU professor Dr. Roy has built a farmhouse here. Here is what his primary need is.

Watch Video :-बिना जनरेटर के पानी की मोटर कैसे चलाएं

They have plants. How will they get water? Walk inside and see what is inside, then you see the deceit with me. Therefore, the first thing here is the summer service pump. So the bore well pump has been installed here. The water pump is going to be installed here. They will be called after installing inverter battery, solar panel. How many HP Summer Sewell Pump will be able to run here? A water pump will be installed here with the consent of the solar engineer and the one who is going to install the water pump.

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