The cost of 10kW rooftop solar system for hospital, medical clinic or dental clinic is Rs. 6,00,000 to 9,00,000 including all charges across India. Healthcare professional is searching solar solution for his hospital to get 24*7 power source becuase they don't want to use generator becuase of rising of diesel cost and the second point is maximum monhtly electricity bill. Solar energy is growing multifold in India across all sectors including healthcare Industry, it is happening not because of a sharp reduction in pollution or it’s a clean energy. Because all the hospitals, nursing home, daycare and medical centre come under commercial property and many of its equipment like MRI Machines, CT Scanners, and other Labs are used constantly, Besides it opens 24x7 and its Air conditions and heating machine run regularly to maintain temperature of building, therefore, its electricity bills are sky high.

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