These days people want convenience. They want reliable power supply and hassle-free maintenance and are also ready to pay a premium for such facilities. An owner of a luxury home will not mind paying a higher price to get hassle free power supply to run his many smart appliances at home. Moreover, given the rise in electricity rates and soaring temperatures, solar is the need of the hour. In this video, you know about the following things: Why home buyers in India are choosing Solar Rooftop with Green Terrace facility?

What all solar components are needed for solar installation on a Green Building? What is the price of solar deployment on a Green Building? How can I avail the solar loan for a Green Building? How to apply for net metering for a Green Building? How to calculate the RoI for solar system installation for a Green Building? What all important certifications are needed for a Green Building?

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Loom Solar Dealer Registration
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