Can GHS Family's electricity bill be reduced?

According to my observation, Indian families are living in group housing societies in Tier 1 & Tier 2 cities. It has many advantages such as safety, community, parking, transportation, and local markets. The initial cost of living in these residential areas is low but the residents pay some extra charges such as electricity bills, maintenance costs, and more. We are a solar energy company in India and we try to tell our consumers how they can reduce their monthly power consumption cost. This is an informative article as the summer season is coming soon and homeowners will start finding alternative solutions.


Why choose power backup solution?

Simply, you should know the concept of the AMG formula to reduce the electricity bill of your home. The AMG formula is not only for home, it’s also applicable to the entire power sector. Today, I will explain these power-saving tips. First, you need to understand the current pattern of your electricity bill. There are two types of electricity bills in group housing societies: 1. Government Electricity & 2. Generator Bill. The per unit electricity bill of the government electricity board is Rs. 7-8 per unit and it is a prepaid bill. The society provides some apps where residents can pay their electricity bills. This is an Energy Management System (EMS) where end users can view, optimize, and control. 2BHK & 3BHK flats are the most demanding in group housing societies especially in metro cities because 2-5 family members are living in it. They are paying at least Rs. 2,000 per month only for electricity bills and if they have a generator connection then they are paying Rs. 18-27 per unit for power backup. That means the resistance has a basic need to pay this charge. Power back is an alternative option for families who need it during the power cut.

Frequent power cuts happen in the summer season and there are long power cuts in some situations. The reasons behind this are transformer overload, transmission line disturbance, high wind, rains, or any other season. I think this is a possible situation where consumers face problems. So I will share some possible solutions to adopt it:

1. Avoid: When you think about electricity bill patterns for one year, you will see 2-3 times higher in the summer season (April to September) than it will be normal. I think you are aware of this. Cooling appliances (Cooler, refrigerator, Fans, Air conditioners ) start running in the summer season. You can avoid some unnecessary appliances to run. You can do it as much as possible.

2. Minimize: You should follow the Minimize process, but how. You can change old or high-power consuming appliances one by one. It will take 2 to 3 years to do it. If you are planning to buy new appliances then you always choose higher star-rating appliances according to your budget. These appliances are also called energy-efficient appliances. The initial cost of these types of appliances is high as compared to low-rating appliances. So, you should think about this.

3. Generate: If you follow the above steps, you can reduce 10-20% electricity bill but if you want to save more electricity bills then you need to generate electricity from alternative sources of energy such as solar energy, wind power, hydropower, and more. The most feasible option to generate electricity is solar power. It is a silent source of energy and it occupies less rooftop installation area.

What is the solution to reduce electricity bills?

Our recommendation is energy storage with solar power. Let’s understand what is this, its benefits, limitations, and more. Energy storage is similar to existing inverter batteries but the technology of inverter batteries is trendy. Lithium Battery & Transformer-less inverters are game-changing products across the world. Any consumer can store a huge amount of power in minimum space. The life span of this solution is up to 10 years based on the power consumption pattern. Generally, 1kWh lithium batteries require 1kW unit electricity. This electricity can be by the government electricity or diesel generator or solar power. The cost of generating electricity from various sources is different. The cost of electricity generation through solar power is approx. Rs. 3-4 per unit whereas the cost of electricity generation through diesel generator is approx. Rs. 17 to 27 per unit for the consumers. My conclusion is to use energy storage to solve frequent power cut problems and if you have some area where sunlight comes for at least 2-3 hours in a day, you can install solar panels. This is a possible solution to reduce your electricity bills.

How will you get this solution?

We suggest that you should talk with a solar company that provides the complete solution for rooftop solar.




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