How to Get Loan?

At any stage in life, there is always a requirement for something. Starting from education, business, to buying a car, property, or a home, we are always looking at acquiring something in our life. A loan helps to make your dream come true easily and conveniently. With easy application and payment options, loans have become a lucrative option to own any material thing. These days you can also apply for a loan to buy any consumer durable including a mobile phone, laptop, or merchandise.


Types of Loans

  1. Home Loan
    1. Interest Rate
    2. Eligibility
    3. How to Apply Online
  2. Gold Loan
  3. Business Loan
  4. Property Loan
  5. Personal Loans
  6. Auto Loans
  7. Education Loan
  8. Consumer Durable Loans
  9. Mudra Loan

Interest Rate

Interest rate is an important factor when starting a loan. It determines the rate at which interest will be calculated. This interest amount is a payment to the institution which loaned you the principal sum. If the rate of interest is high you might not want to start your loan but wait for a suitable time for it to go down. For example, interest rate is on the rise at the moment. The higher the rate of interest the costly your loan becomes, because you have to return a higher sum to the loaning agency.

Loan Apply Online 

These days it has become very convenient to apply for loans online. Just enter your credentials with the preferred partner and you are good to go. The bank/ financial institution generally sends their representative to do the paper work and start the process.

Loan Eligibility

Though the process has become easy to apply for a loan, it still requires detailed documentation. The financial institution also checks your eligibility criteria before disbursing the loan. They are basically checking if you are financially sound (CIBIL score) enough to return the amount, they loaned to you. Hence it is important to maintain a decent CIBIL score. Given the rising number of financial frauds, it is a sound step taken by the banks/ financial institutions.

Instant Loan without Cibil

You can apply for a loan even without a good CIBIL score. You might not have a decent CIBIL score (a CIBIL score of less than 750 is not considered good) at the moment, but you can increase the same by paying your bills and EMIs on time for the next six months or so. Moreover, it is possible to get a personal loan without the CIBIL and that too at a good rate of interest if you have a steady source of income and can furnish a proof of the same. Sometimes, lender agrees to disburse loans even though you have a low CIBIL score at a higher rate of interest. Furthermore, you can opt for a joint loan without a CIBIL score if your spouse has a good score.

List of Financial Institutions in India, 2022

1. ICICI Bank Loan - ICICI Bank which is a leading private sector bank in India, provides a host of loans to consumers like home loan, loan against property, car loan, personal loan, consumer finance, education loan, gold loan, etc. ICICI bank offers attractive interest rates, easy monthly EMIs so that you can repay your loan at the end of the loan tenure. The company charges a certain fee and processing charges also. Make sure you are well aware of the same.Interest Rate
How to Apply – You can easily apply online here:

2. Axis Bank Loan – Axis bank, another leading private bank in India offers home loan, personal loan, car loan, and business loan to consumers at competitive interest rates. Just check your loan eligibility using the bank’s simple loan calculators and submit your Bank Loan application online, once satisfied.

3. SBI Bank Loan – SBI, the leading PSU in India offers auto, education, gold, personal, home loans etc. SBI Home Loans is the largest Mortgage Lender in India, which has helped over 30 lakh families buy their homes. You can check your eligibility for the loan online by answering few simple questions and check your eligibility amount. Once you submit the details, some one from the bank will contact you.

4. HDFC: HDFC bank touts itself for attractive interest rates and pocket-friendly EMIs. The bank provides marriage loan, personal loan, home loan, car loan, etc. to eligible consumers within a stipulated age bracket and income source. You can check your personal eligibility online If you are an existing HDFC Bank account holder, you can check your eligibility for a pre-approved loan via NetBanking. Senior Citizen Customers are eligible for discount of 10% on all service charges.

5. Bajaj Finserv – Bajaj gives the option to calculate your CIBIL score online and offers a host of loans like Doctor, gold, home, personal, business, auto, etc. The company also provides an insta EMI card. The current rate of interest on home loan is 7.20% from Bajaj.

6. Muthoot – Muthoot Finance is known for its gold loans against gold ornaments like gold jewellery. The financial institution provides quick loan disbursals at attractive rates of interests. It is a well-known brand in South India. The minimum loan amount is Rs. 1500 and there is no maximum limit.

7. Canara Bank – Canara Bank also provides the facility of solar loan alongwith house loan for the purchase and installation of Roof Top Solar PV System on the roof top of house as a part of Home Loan or without Housing Loan. The bank also offers a host of other loans including car loan, education loan, agriculture loan, etc.

8. Bank of Baroda – BoB offers a variety of loans under personal and business loans. You can apply online easily with a handful of documents like Mobile number, pan/ aadhar card, ITR/ GST details, etc.

9. IDFC – IDFC offers loans at rates starting 10.49%, at EMI starting Rs. 2149 per lakh, and at flexible tenure of up to 60 months. One can apply online in a completely paperless process. The bank also offers a seamless balance transfer for external personal loans and credit card balances.

10. PNB – PNB offers loans for personal, vehicle, education, housing, etc. needs for LIC employees, pensioners, public separately.

11. LIC – LIC offers easy access to your loan details through its HFL customer portal. Once can also setup auto-debit from their bank account. The site also provides EMI calculator and loan eligibility calculator for its customers.

12. Mahindra – Mahindra provides a hassle-free experience in applying for online loan. The bank grants personal loans for upto Rs. 3 lakh and which can be approved within just 2 days. Just fill in few simple details about yourself and submit at the website. The bank is known for providing a host of vehicle loans such as tractor, car, utility/ commercial vehicle, two/ three-wheeler loans.

13. Manappuram – Manappuram is known for offering speedy processing and easy loans with simple documentation. The interest rate is 13% per annum onwards and the maximum loan tenure is of 5 years. The maximum personal loan amount is up to Rs. 5 Lakhs. However, the company is primarily a gold loan company registered under Reserve Bank of India.

14. Indian Bank – The Indian Bank provides a variety of loans like plot, Covid emergency, educational, home improvement, home loans etc. There are different eligibility and age criteria for availing these loans. One can check their interest rates as well as processing fees here:!

15. Tata – Tata Capital provides home loans for buying/ constructing a new home. Tata Capital housing loans starts from Rs. 5 lakhs up to Rs. 5 crores, at an affordable interest rate of ~7.75%. The housing loan processing involves minimum documentation and you can choose the Home Loan amount, tenure, and the EMI period as per your convenience.

16. Union Bank – Union Bank is one of the leading public sector banks of the country. The bank offers personal, home, education, vehicle, etc loans. It also allows for the purchase of solar power panel along with purchase / construction of house as well as the take-over of housing loan availed from another bank or financial institution. Both Indian citizens and NRI of age 18-75 years can avail loan from this bank.

17. Bandhan Bank – Bandhan Bank offers loans for purchase/construction / extension of house with an income proof. The loan amount is up to 90% of the cost of property (includes land and construction) with a tenure of 5– 30 years. One can also avail business loan – micro loan as well as loans for medium and large businesses.

18. HDB – HDB also offers various types of loans like personal, salaried personal, business, etc. loans as well as loan against property. The bank also has pre-approved loan offers, and EMI calculator online. Broadly loans can be classified into consumer, enterprise, asset finance, and professional loans.

19. IIFL – IIFL is known for providing gold, business (of up to Rs. 30 lakh) and personal loans to customers. It also provides the option to calculate your EMI and choose the most suitable product for you and the ease of paying your loan with its online payment system.

20. Security Bank – The bank claims to make a personal loan available in just five working days. It offers business loans as well.

21. Citibank – Citibank is known for minimal documentation and speedy loan approval. Personal loan is available upto Rs. 30 lakhs and funds can be credited to your account in just 48 hours. The personal eligibility hardly takes 4 hours. Home loan is available for new purchase, renovation, transfer an existing loan, or a loan against property. Citibank presents to you the widest range of mortgage loan solutions with different mortgage loan rates.

22. Hero Fincorp – Hero Fincorp loans are known for minimal documentation with instant approval, Flexible tenures and easy repayment options, Quick and hassle-free online processing, and Prompt customer service.

23. IDBI – IDBI bank is popular for its flexible repayment schedule and lower interest rates. The bank offers personal, corporate, MSME, Agri, NRI, loans. You can enquire online or also call or visit the branch for more details.

24. Indiabulls – Indiabulls is popular choice among masses for housing loans. One can easily apply online – e-Apply, e-Sanction, e-Disburse. The institution also provides loans against property, as well as Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) wherein one can save upto Rs. 2.67 lakhs with credit linked subsidy scheme. It also provides other facilities like changing one’s EMI cycle, accessing loan interest certificate, provisional statement, repayment details and credit information report.

25. Shriram Finance - Shriram Finance is an NBFC offering personal loan at attractive interest rates that are based on the scheme selected by the borrower. The loans are available for a period of up to 36 months.

26. Standard Chartered - Standard Chartered offers a wide range of home loans, mortgages, credit facilities and overdrafts, customize for everyone’s needs.

27. Yes Bank – Yes Bank offers customers personal loan for Rs. 1 Lakh to Rs. 40 Lakh at attractive interest rates for tenure ranging from 12-60 months. It enables customers to choose the tenure of their loan. Customers can easily apply for a personal loan using YES BANK’s online service or the bank also provides you with doorstep banking services. 

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