How to build a 12v solar battery charger?

Today Battery used in many devices such as cars, Mobiles, Laptops, Electronics devices, which runs on battery. If a device work on battery and its need a charger to charge that device. So that we can use that device many times.

Why we need a charger?

To charge the battery of our device we need Charger. We have to charge battery properly . If we use the compatible charger of that particular battery than  the battery gives us maximum output and health of the battery is also remains same.

What charger Do?

If we use the charger which is compatible to battery it help to charge the battery device and allow to pass only that amount of the current which a battery required to get charged .its regulate the flow of current and voltage through it .

How to make a charger?

The process of making a charger is little complex and we don’t need to make it at home there is various company which make charger and available at very reasonable price.

But if you want to build it its own than you need some Instruments and Devices by which you make charger at home .you need following things

  1. Power transistor
  2. Voltage regulator IC
  3. 10 k ohm Potentiometer pre-set
  4. 220 ohm resistor of quarter watt

After getting these materials, you have to follow these steps and you make a Charger.

Watch Video :-

  1. Connect Resistance with Adjust pin and voltage output pin
  2. Connect power transistor’s collector point with voltage input pin.
  3. Connect pre-set middle &right leg with Adjust pin of voltage regulator.
  4. Connect jumper wire with Voltage output pin of Voltage regulator & Base point of power Transistor.
  5. Connect Positive wire with collector point of power transistor & negative with Preset left leg.
  6. To be output from solar battery charger positive connect wires positive side with emitter point & negative with presets left leg.
  7. Connect head of voltage regulator with head seeing & bottom of power transistor with heat seeing.
Circuit complete now connect it with solar panel and adjust the voltage by moving preset in clockwise direction to 13.8v

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