How to calculate inverter and battery capacity?

When more power starts coming and going, we plan to install an inverter battery, but it is a bit difficult to calculate how many kW of the inverter battery should be. Many questions come to mind, the solution of this has been given here.

Step 1: Home Load

Inverter batteries are a limited power backup solution so it is important to know our power consumption. More information is given here to know Power Consumption.

For example, if there are 3 BHK homes where continuous power consumption is up to 400 watts.

Step 2: Backup Time

The backup time is estimated according to the power cut of your area. The duration of power cut in India is more than 2 hours. This power cut is a frequent power cut like 5 min, 10 min, 15 min, 20 min, etc.

For example, if you are searching for an inverter battery solution for residential areas in urban, semi-urban and  rural areas where the power cut duration is not more than 2 hrs.

Inverter and Battery Capacity = Home Load * Backup Time

                                                = 400 Watt * 2 Hrs.

                                                = 800 Watt

Here, backup time will vary depending on localities. On the basis of various applications, we have simplify inverter and battery capacity calculation:

Power Consumption Inverter Battery Capacity
Inverter – 1kVA (12V), Battery - 80Ah – 200Ah Battery * 1
Inverter – 2.5VA (24V), Battery – 80Ah – 200Ah Battery * 2 
2000W Inverter – 3kVA (48V), Battery – 80Ah – 200Ah Battery * 4
4500W Inverter – 5kVA (48V), Battery – 80Ah – 200Ah Battery * 4 or CAML10048 Lithium Battery * 1


  • Efficiency of Inverter – Normal inverter / solar inverter has 80-95% efficiency and high frequency string inverter has 100% efficiency. 
  • Efficiency of Battery – Lead Acid battery has 75% efficiency and lithium battery has 98% efficiency. 

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Dattaram Phadte

Dattaram Phadte

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