Generator vs. Inverter Battery: Which is the Best Solution?

In India, power cuts have started happening since a few days, whose direct effect is being seen on commercial business. This power cut has started happening for more than 2 hours in a whole day where earlier power cuts used to be barely 5 minutes. This condition is of such a city, Faridabad and other cities where power cut was already more than 2 hours, what would be the situation there. 

The main need that is fulfilled is always that of water electricity and water. Although India has gone through a lot of changes and development in the last few decades, the problem of power cut still exist in quite some places of the country. Even the cities haven’t seen a complete termination of this trouble, be it homes, offices, factories, or any showroom. But this issue can be sorted by through options like using a generator or a inverter battery.

Why do we need it?

The use of an inverter battery for a short power cut, especially at homes is fine. But when it comes to its use for commercial location it is pretty impossible to use it. This is the core reason why a generator becomes a need there. Although the usage of a generator is banned in a few states of India due to how polluting it is, it is still in use in around 70-75% commercial fields.

Avg. cost of generation from a Generator / Inverter Battery

The approximate cost of generation from a DG set is INR 16–17 per unit (kWh), not including the capital cost of the DG set. If we also consider the capital cost of the DG set, which is included in the price of the flat, the cost of generation will rise to INR 27–33 per unit whereas the approximate cost of generation from inverter battery is INR 15 per unit (kWh). 

What are their benefits?

lithium battery

The generator sure has more disadvantages than advantages, but many people still use it, especially the ones that require more power backup. But this fact also can’t be denied that places like offices, medical clinics, jewellery shops or showrooms, ice-cream factories, grocery complexes, etc need an inverter installation because of their less space requirement in comparison with a generator. Therefore, to avoid this problem, they need a battery that is maintenance free, long lasting, fast charging, has maximum backup time, and comes with easy installation features.

To fulfil all such needs of yours, Loom Solar offers you a new technology battery- CAML 100. To understand it better, let’s take an example of an office that uses lights, fans, printer, internet and an ac, all summing up to a power consumption of around 1,500 Watts. Today, summing up power cuts of even 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and other variable time period results in around 2 hours of power cut. Hence, only two options are left in this situation for the requirement of power backup- generator or CAML inverter battery.

Difference between Generator & Inverter Battery

inverter battery

Let’s understand it on a bigger picture through a table given below where an example where a power backup of 15kW is required:

Factors Generators Inverter Battery
1. Purpose Generator is an ideal use for Industrail establishments, such as manufacturing plants  Inverter Battery is an ideal use for Commerical estabilishments, such as offices, schools, clinics, petrol pump, etc.
2. Storage There is no storage, we have to run maximum appliances as per generator capacity There is storage, we can run as per our need
3. Generation
Can be used for extended periods of time, as long as there is enough fuel to run it
Can be used for limited duration until battery is charged
3. Technician Required Not Required
4. Costing

Initial Costing: Rs. 2,00,000 

Operating Costing: Rs. 30 per watt hour

Initial Costing: Rs. 7,50,000

Operating Costing: Rs. 15 per watt hour

5. Installation Space 400 sq. ft. 10 sq. ft.

Besides these, there exist other pros and cons too. For instance, a generator can be used in any weather or climate, whereas, if it runs out of fuel and energy during the office hours, it can cause a hindrance. To avoid such a situation, you may install a solar panel. But preceding that, you need to know your exact energy requirement for which, only a solar expert can provide you with a proper advice.


Hopefully, now you are all clear ‘bout what is better for you, fulfil your requirements and if you should buy an inverter battery or not.

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