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How to Build Self Sustainable Building?

Usually you need 100 sqft to install it but due to increase in high efficiency module now required size will reduce to 80 to 100 sqft.

If you install on grid solar system, you need approval from discom for net metering process whereas its not required if you install off grid solar system.

Yes its available, you have to reach out to Loom Solar sales advisior to guide the same.

If you install 3 kw solar system so you can save approx rs. 3,000 monthly.

So battery power will cost approx rs. 1,00,000/- per kw whereas on grid system will cost rs. 60,000/- per kw with installations.

It generates average of 4 to 5 unit on per kw per day basis.

Yes, there is subsidy available on rooftop solar installation on resisdentail homes only.

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