Why is Lithium Battery Beneficial? [ क्यों है लिथियम बैटरी फायदेमंद ? ]

Friends, this inverter battery has been brought to overcome all these problems. If we tell about it, then Loom Solar has introduced it. Camel 100, which is a 48v lithium-ion battery. If we talk about its basic information, then you can go to our previous video and see about its feature. However, here we will know some special thing about how our old inverter battery will be replaced by the benefit.

Watch Video :- क्यों है लिथियम बैटरी फायदेमंद ? 

Therefore, the biggest problem in the commercial area is that of space. As you must have seen here in the last scene. Here we were keeping 4 batteries. This is a battery equal to 4 batteries and talking about space, here you see that you keep this battery like this here and this battery is installed in almost the same space. Moreover, if we need, we can install one more battery in one evening.

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