How important is Solar Panel for Office? [ऑफिस के लिए सोलर पैनल कितना जरुरी?]

Here 20 solar panels have been installed here for 10Kw inverter battery. What special thing about this solar panel will tell? Therefore, this solar panel is Shark Solar Panel. Which is in 440th. This solar panel is like the one you are seeing. Mono-perk technology. The advantage of the mono-perk technology is that it will generate more electricity in the flame light cloudy weather.

Watch Video :- ऑफिस के लिए सोलर पैनल कितना जरुरी?

Like you are seeing. Currently it is around 9-9:30. However, sunlight is a lot of work. However, Humidity lives a lot in this area. So here, this solar panel will definitely generate enough electricity so that the battery can be charged and the load it is running should continue. So here, the entire building is being run by installing 10 solar panels. With solar panels, it is necessary to have a strong structure as if you have installed GIA panel here.

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