This festive season, Power Your Home with Solar Solutions in Just Rs. 7000/- EMI!

As festive season is all set to knock in the coming months, the customers also are gearing up to make their sort after purchase of various household items, utility appliances, gifts for friends & family also things that become more pronounced are home loans, car loans, EMIs on various products etc.  It’s time to celebrate make the long-awaited purchase.

Navaratri Sale  (07 to 15th Oct, 2021)

An element that takes a backseat is looking for appropriate solutions for the frequent power cuts, rising electricity bills, low voltage across many locations during peak seasons that create a lot of unrest and disturbance in day-to-day affairs. Be it office, shop, school, hospital or home, one can’t leave his or her work to chance, therefore there is always a need to look for backup solutions. This festive season is the perfect reason to invest in solutions that bridge this gap.

Inverters, gensets (or generators) are usually the household name, however, both have certain inherent limitations. Rising fuel costs are leading to prohibitive usage of gensets, and also, they demand maintenance & service. On the other side, inverters, need certain hours of constant regular voltage electricity supply depending upon the capacity of Inverter, however, an inverter can also be charged with Solar based power and this article explains all about that.

Amod Anand, Co-Founder and Director, Loom Solar says, “EMI / loan option is available across segments like homes, cars, consumer durables, phones etc. that are basis certain well-oiled process. When it comes to EMI/ loan for solar power plants the processes are yet to become more inclusive. EMI for rooftop solar needs a constant handholding by an expert for the homeowner to manage the entire process. This festive season, we at Loom Solar, have chosen to step up and be available for this need of homeowners. Our team continues to work relentlessly to help our customers opting for loan / EMI option.” 

How much is the cost of installation of solar system?

The cost of installing 1 kilowatt of off grid solar system  (Solar System with batteries) is around Rs. 1 lakh, but paying such an amount at once, is sometimes not possible. In today's time, people buy mobile phones, cars, houses, TVs, fridges on EMI, in which they pay money through monthly instalments. Similar way, the solar system is also available on EMI and same can be calculated at If someone wishes to buy a 1 KW solar system on EMI, they can get solar installed at their home by depositing just Rs. 7000.  For this, the customer should have any valid Credit Card, Debit Card, or Bank Account.

How many Kilowatt solar based power system must be installed?

In today's time, it is a necessity to have a fan, light, TV, LED, fridge, laptop, mobile phone , washing machine, mixer, air-conditioner and water pump in any household, the average power consumption of which is about 3000 watts or 3 Kilowatt (KW). Whereas people using light, TV, fan, together may have a basic consumption of about 400 to 500 watt.

During the night time there’s a need for only 2-3 fans and 1 fridge. If someone installs a 1 KW solar system at his/her house, then devices like  fan, light, TV, fridge, etc. can run comfortably except the water pump. If customers wish to run heavy equipment like inverter, AC, geyser and water pump then Loom Solar recommends that they should install at least 5 KW of Solar system.

How many hours of backup will one get?

If a customer opts for a 1 KW solar system off grid, it comes with a lithium battery of 1 kWh. That is, fans, lights, TVs can run day and night without electricity.

Power backup table is given below for better understanding:

Home Load : 100W ; 300W  ; 500W ; 1000W

 Backup Time : 10 Hours, 3.15 Hours, 2 Hours,  1Hour .

How is the solar system installed?

A Solar system consists of Solar Panel, Panel Stand, Solar Wire, Solar Connector, Inverter and Battery Equipment, which is installed by qualified Loom Solar's engineers on the available rooftops of the homes. In case the home owner feels that the roof is needed for some work, in such scenario we go with elevated solar panels installation.  For more information, customers can check installations on Loom Solar's website and book or enquire more.

From where can one purchase the Loom Solar panel?

The complete information about the solar power system and other devices like lithium batteries is available on Loom Solar's website. Before installing the panel, if someone wishes to get the personal experience of the system, one can visit the nearest local shop offering Loom Solar’s products.


Nishem John

Nishem John

Such a great offer of Rs. 7000/- EMI! on solar panels, and this would be really beneficial for residents who are willing to install solar panels.

Jayan KV

Jayan KV

I would like to have a solar power system in my home (solar car parking area to be built in the house premise pls. Estimation pls.

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