Which Inverter Battery is used to run AC in Power Cut?

In today's time, if you see it on the streetlights, if you see it on the top of the school, or if you see it going anywhere, then you are seen engaged in a big park. This is the same solar panel. Today is the consumer of the residential house. Solar used in a house like yours and ours. Which keeps the electricity bill from zero at once.

Watch Video :- पावर कट में AC चलाने के लिए इन्वर्टर बैटरी 

To run AC, people who think that AC has to be run. If they want to install solar, it is in their mind that if they want to run AC, then what will have to be installed. Which as shown now is solar panel, battery, hybrid inverter, and here some DC DB, AC DB, Changeover, wiring, wire, and monitoring device all these components have to install. Here is the chart. It installed for the understanding of the user.

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