How to Install Solar Panels on Asbestos Roofing Sheet?

If we tell you about the roof here, it is a roof made of cement sheet. If we talk about how the sheet attached. Therefore, here is the sheet that attached From below, 2 iron pipes made from one wall to another. It fastened on it with a j clamp. It tied from three sides to it at some height on Bricks. Whenever we would sit here, we would.

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Those who are supposed to do the work will move around on the sheet. Because there is no fear of breaking it like this. When the entire roof is analyzed. So once the analysis of the roof shared with the client. Because there is a fear here, that if we get solar panels installed and some kind of mistake happened. Therefore, the rainwater will start to seal the wall. On the other hand, it will start falling down in the rain. So keeping that in mind, double sided missing tape is used here. Therefore, that it becomes waterproof.

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