What is a tubular battery?

Tubular batteries are lead-acid batteries that are much larger than flat plate batteries. Tubular batteries are commonly seen in UPS and inverter systems. The tubular batteries have a positive plate nestled within a tube wrapped in cloth that holds its electrodes' power.

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Why should you choose a tubular battery?

Tubular batteries are more durable and are suitable for long-term power supply. Tubular batteries are much more convenient to use and require less water refilling. They are more reliable than flat plate batteries, and they usually have a longer warranty duration. Compared to a standard flat plate battery, a tubular battery is fairly expensive and takes up too much storage space.

What are the types of tubular batteries?

Tubular batteries are available in several shapes and sizes, which should be chosen depending on the amount of storage space available within the home. The tubular battery is similarly inexpensive. The two types of Tubular batteries available are short tubular batteries and tall tubular batteries. 

  1. Short tubular inverter batteries are shorter in height while larger in width compared to a tall tubular inverter battery. They are much more compact in size and travel.
  2. Tall tubular inverter batteries are taller than short tubular and flat plate batteries, although narrower. The tall tubular battery often has a relatively long standby period and therefore is recommended for houses with plenty of storage capacity.

What are the main differences and advantages between a tubular battery and a flat-plate battery?

  1. The tubular batteries have a positive plate nestled within a tube wrapped in cloth that holds its electrodes' power whereas a Flat-plate battery is a typical battery grid that is made up of numerous squares that create a broad mouthed mesh and employs thin electrodes.
  2. Tubular batteries have an excellent warranty of up to 6 years, while flat-plate batteries only have a maximum 2-year warranty.
  3. Tubular batteries can withstand extreme temperature variations. Furthermore, it turns a high-voltage power surge into a modest voltage shift. On the contrary, a flat-plate battery can only handle a certain temperature for which it is made up.
  4. Tubular batteries are designed to provide great power for a wide range of applications. However, a flat-pate battery is designed only for basic applications and use cases.
  5. Flat plate batteries are substantially smaller than tubular batteries, making them the smallest inverter available.
  6. A tubular battery requires little maintenance, but a flat-plate battery requires maintenance regularly.
  7. Tubular batteries rate the highest in terms of reliability when compared to Flat-plate batteries
  8. Tubular batteries have higher charging life cycles and also have better thermal management than Flat-plate batteries


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