How to charge a 12v 12ah battery?

Many of you are wondering how to charge a 12V 12ah battery. We will explore how you will be able to charge it with the help of this simple guide that will help you find the best solution to charge a 12V 12ah battery.  

The 12V, 12Ah battery has various use cases right from its presence on an agriculture spray machine, in an online UPS, including the home lighting system, two-wheeler vehicles, street lights, the automatic relay system of a lift, charging station controller panel, weather monitoring devices, and even the network devices, etc. use a 12V, 12ah battery.

Perfect Energy Storage

2 times battery life, consumes 50% less space, needs no maintenance & takes 60% less recharge time

Battery Technology availability in 12V 12Ah battery

Batteries ranging from SLA, SMF, VLRA, & Lithium-Ion Batteries, all of these battery technologies come with a 12V 12Ah battery option. 

Avg. weight of 12V 12Ah Battery - The weight of the battery ranges from - Around 700 to 1300 gms 

Battery Size - The available Battery size will be equivalent to a lunch box (125 * 70 * 105 mm) (L*W*H)

So you might have this question How do I charge a 12V 12Ah Battery?

Let's explore a couple of methods with which you can charge a 12V 12 ah battery.

Method 1: AC to DC Charger

By using this method, we will be able to find the recommended AC to DC Charger by finding the Charging Ampere & also be able to calculate the estimated charging time for it.

AC Input Range: 220V – 240V, 50Hz

DC Output Range: 12.8V, 2Amp

Recommended Charger for 12V Battery: 

2Amp =12V 12Ah battery, Charging time: 6 h.

So you will need a 12 amp charger for charging the 12V 12 Ah battery that will charge in 6 hours.   

Method 2: Using a Solar Panel and Charge Controller

With the help of the above solution, you can use the right solar panel and include the solar charge controller for it to charge your 12V 12 Ah battery. 

12V 12Ah Battery – Solar Panel = 50-Watt Solar Panel, Charge Controller = Fusion1012 lithium

Why should you use a 50W Solar Panel & Fusion Charge Controller?

This mono-perc solar panel works in low lighting or slightly dim weather conditions, along with cloudy weather. The size of the 50W solar panel is to be deduced at 2.2 feet * 1.4 feet / 430 mm * 665 mm (L*W), and the solar charge controller has dusk & dawn features that work automatically from night to morning time. So by default Dusk & Dawn features have been turned off, You can also enable this feature in order for the charging controller to work automatically. The size of Fusion1012 is calculated by 115*115mm*20mm (L*W). Hope this battery guide has helped you to provide various solutions through which you can charge a 12V, 12 ah battery.

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