How to choose inverter with battery?

When you plan to install an inverter battery in home, office, shop or places where you need power backup during the power cut or low voltage situation, then you start thinking about how to select an inverter with a battery? And that time, you visit the local market or browse the internet. Here, you will know the inverter battery buying guide in 5 simple steps.

Step 1: Load Calculate  

Initially, you need to calculate your power consumption using a clamp meter. First start your all by applying what you want to run during the power cut and to use a clamp meter in phase wire nearby electricity meter or mcb box.

  1. Regular Loads: Fans, Lights, TV, Refrigerator, Cooler, Internet, Laptop
  2. Heavy Loads: Water Pump, Induction, Iron Press, Washing Machine, etc.

For example, avg. power consumption of regular loads is approx. 400 watt and heavy load goes depending upon appliances type. Need help to calculate power consumption, book an engineer visit.

Step 2: Backup Time

Ask yourself: Do you want to run only regular loads after power cut? Or Do you want to run also heavy loads?

Regular Loads * Power Cut Duration

For example, 300W loads * 4 hrs. power cut, then you need 1200W storage of battery bank. You can calculate self-based on your power consumption and power cut duration.

Step 3: Compare Products

In this step, there are three possible options available in the market. Based on your need, you can choose the following option:

  • Single Inverter Battery (12V Inverter Battery)
  • Double Inverter Battery (24V Inverter Battery)
  • Fourth Inverter Battery (48V Inverter Battery)

Step 4: Service & Maintenance

When you choose inverter battery, you must aware about company’s local service. - Local Dealer, Distributor, Service Engineer, etc.

Step 5: Shopping Options   

Now-a-days, there are multiple options to buy an inverter battery: Online & Local Market. According to your comfort, you can choose any option.

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