How to Upgrade an Existing 5kW Solar System to 10kW?

If you have already installed 5KW solar system & same you want to upgrade in to 10 kW Solar, So Yes you can upgrade the with following steps mentioned below. Also there are two possibilities /condition in regard to update your existing system.

Step 1: Site Survey

Site survey is always important part before installation of solar system and same you need for system upgrade. During the site/field survey following check points will identified by field inspector.

  1. Space availability for additional 5kW solar PV modules installation & type of required arrangement.
  2. Cable routes for new solar PV Modules.
  3. DCDB type
  4. ACDB capability will check (can we use the same with some modification or need to replace with new one).
  5. LA requirement (Is exciting LA can protect the new Solar PV Module zone or not?).
  6. For tentative BOQ estimation like (DC cable & No. of MC4 Connector requirement, required material for modification in existing DCDB & ACDB).

Step 2: Analyze the Existing Solar System & Inverter Capability

After the site visit and technical discussion with Loom Solar Expert team you need to review  with your existing solar system, we assume here the installed Inverter capacity in existing solar system is on high side as mentioned in condition-I.

Now for example one of case detail and parameters considered for already installed 5kW solar system are:

  1. Solar Panel: 375W, 15
  2. Solar Inverter: 12.5kVA
  3. Solar Battery: 150Ah*10
  4. DCDB: 3-in-1-out
  5. DC Wire: 6 sq. mm. & 10
  6. Earthing Wire: 10 sq. mm. dc wire
  7. LA: ……. meter

Step 3: Inverter Specification

Installed Inverter in existing Solar system is 12.5kVA (Luminous make- Nxi Model) with following specification are,

(Note, if you have installed low watt output PV modules like 300Wp or 375Wp in existing solar system and want to use higher watt PV modules available in market like Shark 440W Bifacial solar panel introduced by LOOM SOLAR in New system, than Yes you can use the higher watt PV modules with less No. of panel as shown in typical layout.

12.5 kVA Solar Inverter:

  1. Maximum Power Voltage Vmp (V): 150V-240V
  2. Max. supported panel power (Wp): 10000 Wp

Step 4: Required System Components for Upgradation

Components Specifications
Solar Panel Shark 440W * 10
Panel Stand High Rise Structure for 10 Panels
DC Wire 4 sq. mm. 1 Pair 15 mtr.
MC4 Connector 1-in-1-out, 6 pcs.
ACDB 5-in-1-out

Step 5: Solar Wiring Instruction in Existing (String 1-3) with New Module (string 4-5)

{String 1 + String 2 + String 3 + String 4 + String 5} + {5-in-1-out DCDB} connects to 12.5kVA Solar Inverter

One String output will be

Voltage: 200V – 215V

Ampere: 50A – 55A

System Upgradation Cost: 5kW in to 10kW Off Grid Solar System

A consumer which has already 5kW solar panel system with 12.5kVA solar inverter and 150Ah*10 solar batteries, then he needs to add the following components to upgrade solar systems. Avg. cost of 10kW solar system is Rs. 3,00,000 excluding previous solar system and installation cost.




1.     Solar Panels

Shark 440W – 540W Solar Panels * 10

Rs. 2,10,000 – 2,50,000

2.     Panel Stand

2 row, 5 Panel Stand

Rs. 45,000 – 50,000

3.     DCDB


Rs. 7,000

4.     DC Wire

10 sq. mtr.

Rs. 4,800

5.     MC4 Connectors

1-in-1-out, 6

Rs. 1,000

System Upgrade: Installation Cost of 10kW Solar System in India

As the required components for system upgrade are listed above, hence based on the requirement you can estimate the tentative cost. However if you are upgrading 5kW solar system to 10kW solar system, then the avg. cost of 10kW solar system in India is Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 40,000. It can vary depend upon plant capacity, rooftop convince, other scope of installation work (house wiring, civil work, etc.). 

Space Requirement

The required spaces for 10 Nos. of Loom Solar Shark 540Wp Solar PV modules are,  Shark 440W Solar Panels (W*H): 3.4 * 6.9 ft

Load Distribution

After installing all solar system, the consumer can add up to 80% load on this solar system. In some situation, if load will be go more than 80%, a solar inverter will show warning message and giving beep sound. In that time, we should switch off some loads, so an inverter will never overload.


Upgrade your system with combination of old technology with updated shark PV module systems without any troubles. Also both conditions are defined here if the installed Inverter capacity is higher than no need to purchase additional Inverter & if the installed Inverter is only sufficient to cater existing load than one additional Inverter will required for new PV modules connection. Please book site visit request on Loom solar for better clarification and specific requirement.

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