Which solar system to install for run 2 AC?

Question - I have 2 Air Conditioner (AC) at my home so, which would be a suitable solar system with battery for run 2 Air Conditioner.

Ans – The 5 KW off-grid solar system is suitable for running 2 AC at home with AC you also run other home appliances. This solar system can generate 25 units per day and stores 15000-watt hours of electricity to be used at night or in an emergency.

What would be a cost of 5 KW solar system?

The price of 5 KW solar system would be around 5,25,000 for the whole system with the installation.

What would be a life of battery?

The life of a solar battery can vary depending on several factors such as its quality, usage patterns, and maintenance. Generally, solar batteries are designed to be durable and long-lasting, but their lifespan can still be influenced by various factors.

On average, lead-acid batteries used in solar systems can last anywhere from 14 to15 years.  

How can I buy it for my home?

If you are thinking about installing a 5-kW solar system, we recommend you, first call a solar engineer at your home, understand investment, Product & Facility. For this you can Visit www.loomsolar.com or call us at 87507788 00 for more information.

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