Which Solar System is Suitable for 500 Units Monthly Consumption

All conditions only depend upon the purpose of usage. If your primary intends to reduce electricity bills by solar panel, then this content is so helpful to you.

On average, a 1 kW of solar system can generate 3-4 units of electricity. Therefore a 5 kW On-Grid solar system is sufficient to provide 500 units every month (in normal conditions).

Why On-Grid Solar System?

  1. Comparatively On-Grid solar systems are more affordable than other types of solar systems.
  2. With low maintenance, it provides 25 years of warranty.
  3. The availability of subsidies on the On-Grid Solar system results in long-term financial benefits.
  4. Including Your primary intention, it provides environmental sustainability. The on-grid solar system utilizes clean, renewable energy from the sun to reduce carbon emissions.

The Best solar product for 5 kW or above sanctioned load

Loom Solar presents the best 5kW on-grid solar power system for home usage. It can generate approx. 20 to 25 units every day from morning (during 7 hours of sunlight). Which can be able to run any home appliance.

This Solar system is competently suited for reducing your electricity bill. It will help you to save your monthly electricity bills from 60 to 100%, depending upon the generation & usability.

Components in 5 KW On Grid Solar System

Solar Panel- Loom Solar Panel SHARK 440 

Solar Inverter-FUSION 51 (5kw Single Phase On-grid inverter)

Connector Type- MC4 connector 1in 1 out

Connecting wires-Loom Solar DC Wire 4sqmm Pair / AC Wire 4sqmm 2core


Avg. price of 5kW, 1Phase. The price of the On-Grid solar system in India is Rs. 4,22,000 including products, delivery, and installation.


subsidy amount on this solar system is Rs. 58,352 by the central govt. The subsidy amount will be withdrawn within 1-2 months from the consumer bank account after Net-Meter installation.

Easy EMI / Loan

Loom Solar has partnered with leading banks to provide an Easy EMI / Solar Loan. Check Monthly Instalment for Solar Loan.

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