Which Solar Panel for Commercial and Industrial Use?

Which Solar Panel is Best for Commercial and Industrial Use?

Choosing the best solar panel for business purpose requires a carefull consideration of various factors. There are 2 types of solar panels are most popular these days. Let's have a look:

1. Bifacial Solar Panel - These are the excellent choice of solar panel for business purpose. Bifacial solar panels absorb the sunlight from both the sides that means it has a power to generate more energy prodution. These solar panels are 22% more efficient then the other one and can save more on electricity bills. It's a smart for choosing the solar panel for commercial and industrial use.

2. Monocrystalline Solar Panel - These solar panels are highly efficient in converting the sunlight into power generation. These are the cost efficitive choice of solar panel for business purpose. Monocrystalline solar panel are new technology solar panels that are efficient to work in cloudy and bad weather bad conditions.

For a large scale solar system installations, solar experts gives a suggestion to go with "Bifacial Solar Panel" that help business to get more power generation in a limited solar panels, cost and rooftop space. 

Solar Panel for Business Price

The solar panel price for commercial and industrial use depends on technology, size, solar panel quality, efficiency etc. On average solar panel price can cost between Rs. 20k to 25k. For a idea, a typically 10 kW solar system cost you around approx 10 lakhs. A solar panel for business is a long term savings on electricty bills often outweigh the initial investment.

Solar Panel On EMI 

As we know the solar panel installtion cost is too high and in business purpose the need of solar system size is big that's why the investment for solar panel for business needs more. Here is the one soluition to make affordable the solar panel for business is to install it on EMI or on loan. EMI divide the cost of solar panel installtion over sereral months and years. Many banks and solar companies offers to install solar panel for commercial and industrial use on EMI. To calculate your monthly emi as per your easy visit on solar calculator


In conclsusion, Solar Panel for commercial and industrial use, bifacial solar panel are the superior choice.These solar panels are efficient, cost-effective, and also a compatble to save money on eelectricity bills for commercial and industrial purpose. For more information yyou can contact to solar professional who will guide you as per your requirments.

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