Solar System for Printing Press - No Electricity Bill

As the world becomes more conscious about the impact of climate change and increase the cost of electricity, businesses need to be looking for renewable and sustainable energy sources like Solar Energy. Printing presses are energy-intensive machines that require extreme electricity to operate. Using Solar Energy for printing presses can significantly reduce energy costs and carbon footprints.

Solar panels can be installed in any adjacent area. The solar panels are 15%- 20% efficient to convert sunlight into electricity, which can be used to power the printing press.

 In addition to reducing electricity costs and carbon footprints, Solar energy can provide a competitive advantage for printing presses. Customers are increasingly looking for eco-friendly products and services, and using solar energy can help printing presses meet this demand.

How many KW of solar system are required for the load of Printing Press?

Generally, 2-HP single-phase electric motor- 6 Amp. (1 or 2 nos.) are used in printing press motors. It requires a 3 KW solar system to hold the load. To generate more electricity and even sell excess energy back to the Grid. It requires a minimum 5kW solar system and reduces dependency on the Grid.

Which components to be used in 5 KW solar system?

  • Solar Panel- Shark 440w * 10 (in nos.) 
  • Battery- 100AH * 8 (in nos.) - 12v (upgradable)
  • Inverter- 5kW, 96v hybrid solar inverter.
  • Net meter (for calculation of power utilization and supply) and other peripherals.

Note: A 5kW (±12%) solar panel can generate up to 5000 watts (during harsh sunlight).

What will be the Price of 5 KW solar system and any EMI option?

The 5kW Off-Grid solar system price is 5,25,000 with installation. Also you can install a solar system on easy EMI option from loom solar. For any more queries about the 5kw solar panel price or EMI facilities visit -

For calculate EMI -


Overall, solar energy can be a Great source for Printing-Presses. It reduces carbon emissions and saves on electricity costs, which may help in tax relief too. By installing Solar panels, Printing-Presses can operate sustainably and attract environmentally deliberate customers.


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