Loom Solar: Buy Solar Products Online in India

Today people are switching to solar energy. And government also wants people to switch to solar energy. Because of money-saving and environmental benefits. Solar products help you to save your electricity bills and the government also offers subsidy plans for solar panels. Now you must find the best solar company that offers the best solar products. In India, Loom Solar is the No.1 solar company that offers the best quality products at affordable prices.

What Products Loom Solar Offer?

Loom Solar is the No.1 solar panel manufacturer in India. It also manufactures a variety of products. Like- solar panels, lithium batteries, solar batteries, solar inverters, solar charge controllers etc. Let us discuss what are solar products?

Solar Panel: Solar panels are also known as photovoltaic panels. Which converts sunlight into electricity. Installing solar panels for home and business benefits you from spending too much money on electricity. 

Solar panels are of two types which are monocrystalline solar panel and bifacial solar panel. In between them, the bifacial solar panel is more effective because it generates electricity from both sides. Which benefits you in emergency situations like it generates electricity even in bad or cloudy weather. But you must buy it from a valuable company and as above-mentioned Loom Solar is the No. 1 solar panel manufacturer in India. So you can buy it from Loom Solar as well.

Solar Inverter: When you install solar panels it generates Direct current (DC) but most appliances use Alternating current (AC) so here solar inverter connects with solar panels and converts the direct current into alternating current. There are many types of solar inverters like on-grid solar inverters, off-grid solar inverters, and hybrid solar inverters.  

Lithium Battery: Lithium battery is the best energy storage device. Which connects with the inverter and saves the excess electricity for later or emergency use. It is a rechargeable battery and these are used in various applications like smartphones, laptops electric vehicles etc. Lithium battery is also known for its high energy density, long life cycle, and lighter weight. 

Solar charge controller: A solar charge controller is a type of solar charger that ensures the power generated by the solar panels is safe and efficient. In other words, it saves the battery from overcharging and discharging problems. Its main work is battery protection, energy optimization, preventing current flow, etc. MPPT solar charge controllers are the best for larger installations and are also more efficient. These are the safeguards for the battery’s long life.

Mounting structure:  It is like a framework that gives support to the solar panels on the rooftops. The mounting structure means the components are used while installing the solar panels like wires cables and stands on which the solar panel is placed. You must properly place all the components at the correct angle of a solar panel to get more exposure to the sunlight.


Loom Solar offers the best quality solar products. If you want to purchase solar products in India then you can visit the Loom Solar website or company. They provide PAN India delivery and installation services. They have the latest technology solar products like bifacial solar panel, lithium battery, MPPT solar charge controller, etc. Loom Solar’s main aim is to help people reduce their dependence on traditional sources and switch them to a more convenient energy solution.

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