How many watts of solar system do I need for laptop charging?

To calculate the wattage requirement of the solar system to charge a laptop, you need to determine laptop storage and charging system.

Let assumes:

  • Total Battery capacity:7000mah (7ah)
  • Battery voltage: 3.7v*3 (nos. of battery) =10.8v ≈ 11v
  • sunshine: avg. 5-6 hours per day
  • To charge a 7-ah battery, a 16(approx.)-watt solar system will be enough to recharge it within 5-6 hours. (here's how)

Formula for find the Solar Panel Capacity
Solar System Capacity= Battery Capacity/Duration of Sunshine



=77ahv/5h= 77av/5

= 15.4 watt

Benefits of this Solar Panel

  1. Portable: Due to its lightweight and small structure it is carriable.
  2. Used to charge your mobile phones in remote areas using the sunlight.
  3. It is more efficient than adjacent solar panels, due to being easily movable towards sunlight.
  4. This solar panel will provide enough power to dribble charge a 12V vehicle or deep cycle batTery. Helps run small pumps, traffic lights, and electronic gadgets such as stereos, televisions, fans, and VCRs in caravans, boats, or cabins.


The 16W solar panel comes with an inbuilt solar system that is ready to use with a 25-year performance warranty and minimum maintenance but enough efficiency to charge a 7-ah laptop battery during sunshine. 

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