Does the Direction of Solar Panel Matters?

Yes, the direction of solar panels matters a lot! Solar panels need sunlight to make electricity, so how their face towards sun can be most impactful for their performance. In India, it's generally best to have solar panels facing south. That way, they can catch the most sunlight and produce the most electricity.

However, India is a vast country with different regions, and the best direction might vary a bit. In some parts, like the southern regions, panels facing slightly towards the east or west can also work well because of the angle of the sun.

The angle at which the panels are installed is also important. It should match the latitude of your location for optimal performance.

You can use Bifacial solar panels, these panels are special because they can collect sunlight from both the front and back. They do this by reflecting sunlight onto their backside using mirrors or the ground. This helps them make more electricity, like using a mirror to catch extra sunlight. 

So, while the exact direction may vary depending on where you are in India, making sure your solar panels face the right way can help you harness the power of the sun and save money on electricity. To get the most accurate assessment contact with solar professionals they will guide you at every aspect on solar system and help to choose and invest wisely.

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