Top 10 Solar Installers in Bengaluru, Karnataka

Bengaluru, Karnataka: Bengaluru (also called Bangalore) is the capital of India's southern Karnataka state. The center of India's high-tech industry, the city is also known for its parks and nightlife. By Cubbon Park, Vidhana Soudha is a Neo-Dravidian legislative building. Former royal residences include 19th-century Bangalore Palace, modeled after England’s Windsor Castle, and Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace, an 18th-century teak structure.

How we select the best solar installer in BANGALORE?

At Loom Solar Business, we care about connecting solar buyers to the best solar companies. As such, any solar installers we list above are active on the Loom Solar Business in BANGALORE and pre-screened by our team.

What does it mean to be “pre-screened”? We evaluate every solar installer to ensure that they’ll provide quality service to home and business owners. These high-quality installers are approved based on their years of experience, reputation, and certifications.

The ranking on this page is determined by a number of additional factors pertaining to each installer’s activity, including customer ratings and marketplace performance. Get started comparing solar quotes today from the top installers in BANGALORE by joining the Loom Solar Business.

Cost of Solar in BANGALORE, Karnataka

Best Solar Solution for Bangalore, Karnataka

Bangalore is Enjoying The Best Solar Energy Solutions with us!

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Examples of some pricing that we have seen for quotes in BANGALORE:

Solar Power for Backup Solution
Panels: 3kW, 7 x Shark 430W Loom Solar | Inverter: Luminous NXT 3kW | Battery: Exide 150Ah| Balancing of System: Loom Solar | Price: INR 262,000 gross (INR 87per W - based on panel, inverter, battery output). 

Solar Power for Saving Electricity Bill
Panels: 3kW, 7 x Shark 430W Loom Solar | Inverter: Enphase Micro Inverter Eq7+ 7|Balancing of System: Loom Solar | Price: INR 220,000 gross (INR 73per W - based on inverter technology).

Solar Panel Price in Bangalore in 2022

With the continuous up-gradation on solar panels esp in technology, also the changes in tax regime the prices of solar panels have seen an increase of up to 50% over the last few years.  While prices have gone high, to a certain extent the increased efficiency of solar panels has helped keeping the value proposition in place. Solar power continues to be the most preferred resource for renewable energy.

In Bengaluru, with the presence of 150 solar solutions shops along with 50 inverter battery shops and 100 electrical shops are within reach of any customer.

Solar Panel Cost: The price of solar panels varies with the technology, type, size, scope of government subsidy etc.

Generally, solar panels or solar PV modules that have higher capacities are at a lesser cost on per watt calculation vs the small capacity panels as their cost goes higher on per watt basis.

Solar Panel Cost 

Solar Panel Type


Cost of one Solar Panel

Rs. 1,000 to 25,000

Cost of small Solar Panel

Rs.1,000 to 3,000

Cost of Portable Solar Panel

Rs 3,000 to 7,000

Cost of 12v Solar Panel

Rs.1,000 to 9,500

Cost of 24v Solar Panel

Rs 20,000 to 25,000


Application: Solar power system is looked as an independent of power solution by many and similarly a lot believe it to be a power backup solution. Technically both are true as the solar system can independent power source -ie -

Off Grid Solar Power System - Such system are deployed where the power outage is too frequent, or long power cuts or low voltage conditions. Also places where getting electricity to reach is still a challenge, such a solution is a boon. Subsidy in such a case is not an option.

Price of Off Grid Solar Power System

Solar System Size 


1 kW Off Grid Solar System

Rs. 96,000

2 kW Off Grid Solar System

Rs. 1,92,000

3 kW Off Grid Solar System

Rs. 2,88,000

5 kW Off Grid Solar System

Rs. 4,80,000

7.5 kW Off Grid Solar System

Rs. 7,20,000

10 kW Off Grid Solar System

Rs. 9,60,000

15 kW Off Grid Solar System

On Demand

25 kW Off Grid Solar System

On Demand

50 kW Off Grid Solar System

On Demand


On Grid Solar Power System -this system is connected with the Grid and is provisioned to avail subsidy. More interestingly the MNRE has recently introduced a new process that will help the home owners to avail the subsidy by getting few entries along with the digital pic of theirs on a specified portal. This initiative has made the entire process for users very convenient and simple. Users who want to leverage the subsidy and the benefits of lower electricity bills tend to avail this.

Price of On Grid Solar Power System

Solar System Size


1 kW On Grid Solar System

Rs. 60,000

2 kW On Grid Solar System

Rs. 1,20,000

3 kW On Grid Solar System

Rs. 1,80,000

5 kW On Grid Solar System

Rs. 3,00,000

7.5 kW On Grid Solar System

Rs. 4,00,000

10 kW On Grid Solar System

Rs. 6,00,000

15 kW On Grid Solar System

Rs. 8,25,000

25 kW On Grid Solar System

Rs. 13,75,000

50 kW On Grid Solar System

Rs. 25,00,000


Hybrid Solar system- Hybrid is a combination of above 2 with the help of certain control mechanisms

Price of Hybrid Solar Power System

Solar System Size


1 kW Hybrid Solar System

Rs. 1,15,000

2 kW Hybrid Solar System

Rs. 2,30,000

3 kW Hybrid Solar System

Rs. 3,45,000

5 kW Hybrid Solar System

Rs. 5,75,000

7.5 kW Hybrid Solar System

Rs. 8,62,500

10 kW Hybrid Solar System


15 kW Hybrid Solar System

On Demand

25 kW Hybrid Solar System

On Demand

50 kW Hybrid Solar System

On Demand


Applications like : homes, SOHO, shops, farms, farmhouses, look for the opportunity to deploy solar solutions.

Solar panels are of various types for consumer segment: 

In low efficiency: polycrystalline PV modules, which have a max efficiency of 18%. These are not being opted by homeowners nowadays.

In high efficiency: monocrystalline PV modules have the maximum efficiency at 22% and are the being deployed by many homes and are becoming homeowners’ favourite solar panels. With monocrystalline panels is the solar bifacial range that has the additional 20% capacity.

Cost: Looking at various parameters that are in the long term benefit of the customers like high efficiency, latest technology, superior quality etc, the cost of On Grid solar system per kW is around Rs. 60,000.

 Subsidy: The solar rooftop installations for residential can now avail benefit of 40% upto 3 kW and more than 3kW upto 10 kW it’s 20%.  For more info you may also look for subsidy related information here.

List of Solar Installers in Bangalore, Karnataka?

Si. No. Solar Installer Details Know more

Address: 21, Dwaraka, Sri Krishna temple road, post, Deshbandhunagara, Doddabommasandra, Vidyaranyapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka, 560097, India

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Subashini Satheesh

Address:  No 4 NS Residential Township, Behind Hrithika Garden, TC Palya Main Road, Bangalore, Karnataka, 560036, India

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HVR Solar - Green Energy Technologies (Bangalore)
Address: 47, Chinmaya Mission Hospital Rd, Stage 2, Eshwara Layout, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038

Mobile:099722 00502
Email:  NA

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Rooftop solar power made easy: Residential, Commercial
No 475, 1st floor, 7th Main, 33rd Cross, Jayanagar 4th Block, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560011| Mobile:099806 30410

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Kamati Green Tech LLP
#28, 2nd Main Rd, Karamchand Layout, Kariyannapalya, Lingarajapuram, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560084
Mobile: 070220 45612
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CAPTOR Solar Power
2nd Main Road, 12th Cross Rd, Venkatapura, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560034
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Emmvee Photovoltaic Power Private Limited
13/1, International Airport Road, Bettahalasuru, Post, Bengaluru, Karnataka 562157| Mobile: 080 2217 4511
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EcoSoch Solar, Bangalore: Solar rooftop for homes, institutional buildings and industries
#1443, B-Block, Railway Parallel Rd, B Block, CQAL Layout, Sahakar Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560092
Mobile: 081234 10101
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SunPV Energy Private Limited- Solar Company
Address:345, 22nd Cross Rd, Sector 7, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102
Mobile: 096639 05993
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Green Power Solutions
Best Solar Water Heater Manufacturers In Bangalore
#400, Suguna Complex, Near Kalyani Motors, Outer Ring Road, Jnanabharathi Post, Nagadevanahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560056
Mobile: 098800 52205
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Solar Power Generator, Hybrid System, Street lighting, Home lighting
# 81, Ragam, II Main 3rd Cross, Udayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560016| Mobile: 074117 23179
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SELCO Solar Light Pvt. Ltd.
690, Ground Floor, 15th Cross Rd, Jeewan Griha Colony, 2nd Phase, J. P. Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078
Mobile:  080 2649 3144
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Shiva Kumar

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